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Superfeet Green: A Personal Review

If you’re a hiker and suffer from very low arches or even flat feet, the ‘Green Superfeet’ are most definitely the insoles for you. I personally don’t have flat feet but I do have very low arches and have always suffered with foot pain on long hikes and even when out running, so to be wearing these for 3 days straight whilst hiking and scrambling up and around the Peak District really did put them through their paces (just look at the images of them below). So the first thing you’ll notice upon holding a pair is that they are incredibly lightweight, so lightweight in-fact that you barely even notice they’re in your walking boot which is a great asset when hiking for long periods of time. The fabric used on the insole is nice and breathable so when I took my boots off each night the sole of my foot wasn't sweaty or clammy and they’re also coated in an antimicrobial layer which helps to fight against odour-causing bacteria, which worked during my 3 day excursion since they weren't smelling when I left the Peak District. 1 The shape of them does feels a little odd upon first wearing them so I ensured to put them in my day-to-day shoes a week before the trip just to wear them in a bit, and although your feet will ache slightly during the first two days of wearing them, this is purely because they are working! The fit and design supports your feet but at the same time it puts your foot into the correct position and alignment to help with lower arch support and over time will actually start to give you a higher arch. I would definitely recommend not just wearing these straight out the box before a long hike, make sure you wear them in a bit before and once you finish your hike make sure to wear them in your general shoes and trainers also, to help support your feet even more ready for your next hiking adventure. On this trek around the Peak District we were walking, climbing and scrambling and I was worried about how much pressure these could take, but I needn't have worried, after the amount of force and pressure my 13.5 stone frame was putting on these insoles I'm positive these will withstand pretty much any form of activity and whilst doing so you can really feel the support they give you which truly gives you a much more enjoyable hiking experience. 2 In total I've now been wearing these for a month and I can really tell the difference in my feet and funnily enough in my posture (I hear there is a scientific explanation which basically translates as good feet equals good posture). My feet have actually started to gain a higher arch and I feel I have much stronger feet whilst walking and running, I know the £30/£40 mark may sound steep but if you went to a specialist who will pretty much offer you the same kind of thing you’re looking at about £200 – so with all that said you really are getting great value for money. Also one final note, be sure to trial these before going on a massive walk or run – I initially chose a size which was technically my correct foot size, however after wearing them for a few minutes I realized that my foot was shifting over the top and sides of the insole when doing certain movements so I bought a size up and cut them down to ensure my feet had support in all angles at all times – a key thing when hiking and scrambling!