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Take a staycation and help protect the very places you visit!

When planning your next holiday getaway, you need not look any further than right at your own backyard. Well, perhaps not literally, but you certainly don’t have to venture too far. In fact, why set out overseas when you have an array of exciting adventures waiting for you right here in the UK? That’s right, some of the most glorious and sought after camping destinations are not too far, and in place of booking expensive plane tickets you can pack up your camping equipment, roll up those sleeping bags, and get ready to pitch tent! It should come as no surprise that when it comes to the amount of carbon gas emissions being sent billowing above into the atmosphere, we are being met with disastrous effects on the state of our planet. Yet did you know that one of the leading causes for those greenhouse gasses and in turn global warming is the means in which we turn to for transportation. That means that every time you hop aboard that jet engine you are creating a larger carbon footprint for yourself. One little trip abroad may not seem like such a big deal to you, but when you multiply that by all the eager holidaymakers this season plus the load of their baggage you can then see why we are facing the crisis of the current times. You can actually do well to save yourself some money too by opting for a staycation with your trusting camping gear. And who doesn’t love gathering around the camp fire for a round of toasted marsh mellows? Being outside and surrounded by the wonders of nature, you are taken to a place similar to simpler times and have a better opportunity to bond and create lasting memories. This may not be the case should you have jet setted to some theme park or hotel across the globe. Instilling our future generations with just how precious what natural expanses we have left is another way in which we can work to pass along the word to protect it. For a greater appreciation for the rustic and adventures to be had in a national park or nature reserve, we can head there to teach children how important it is to make sure that we ensure a future for all of these diminishing expanses and the wildlife that live there. Offsetting the detrimental effects of carbon gas is a lofty undertaking, but together we can do it one staycation at a time. The best way to take on any seemingly insurmountable goal is to take it one step at a time; do little changes that over time will add up. Imparting more green habits is just like that hike that will take you to the tallest peak and offer you one breathtaking view; you must first start at the bottom and put one foot in front of the other.