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Ten Top Tips For Camping With Your Dog

Not wanting to leave your dog behind when you go camping is understandable but consider the following for a trouble-free trip: * Check that dogs are actually allowed on any sites you have in mind. * Ideally, pick a site where pets are catered for and positively welcomed. * If pets are allowed, check about any extra charges and specific rules that might apply. * Only take a well-behaved pet; dogs that love to bark at strangers - canine or human - will irritate people so it might be better not to have them on site with you. * Keep your dog on a short lead at all times. It's easy to think on open moorland that without a soul about your dog can run free. Instead think about the damaging disturbance to nesting birds. * Clear up any mess your dog leaves and dispose of it properly. * Don't leave your dog locked in your car. If sleeping in the tent with you is a no-no, have a dog-free holiday. * Don't tie your dog to trees or bushes. * Make sure your dog doesn't scare local wildlife or farm animals. * Consider the environment especially when you're right off the beaten track; keep to good urban 'poop and scoop' practice.