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The 5 Benefits of Camping

You’ve been working yourself to the bone and you really can’t keep up with the rat race anymore. When you feel like this you need to get up from your desk, make a few phone calls and go camping. The benefits of camping are major and you’ll feel like a new person when you get back to your busy life. So what are the benefits of camping to you? Family We don’t get enough time to bond with the people closest to us, not even mentioning friends and acquaintances. When you go on a camping trip you will be able to make time for your family and bond with them. Going away on a trip will help you bond in many ways and you’ll be in each other’s company often enough to have heartfelt talks and do fun activities together. Cheaper than hotels Camping has always been a cheaper option than renting a hotel room.  National Parks are a great option since they offer more than the normal local camping spot and readily have specials available. Besides getting a free view of nature you’ll also have the chance of spotting wild animals, safely of course. Variety abound When you go camping you have so many options of activities available to you. Most camping sites are near rivers and damns and if you enjoy the water you should take your family for a swim or go Kayaking. If you enjoy walking you should take your family on a hiking trip and expose them to the beauty of nature. Other than those activities you’ll also be making fire, collecting firewood, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. There are so many things you can do when you go camping. Health Benefits Camping is a great way to relax and spiriting yourself away from the everyday rat race we mentioned earlier. Being outside away from the everyday routine of life you will be exposed to large amounts of Vitamin D which is great for your bones and health and you will be breathing in fresh air. You’ll be laughing more, running more and enjoying yourself more...why don’t we go camping more often? Time for yourself When you go camping you will have a lot of time on your hands. This is the time to do what you always wanted to do. You’ll have enough time to learn juggling, read those 20 books you’ve been dreaming about and paint a magnificent portrait or landscape. You decide. Ruan Smit enjoys nothing more than going camping at the kruger national park with his family, it’s strange how we don’t make more time for our families these days, live a little!