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The Advantages of Using Walking Poles

With an increased number of individuals taking to the great outdoors each year, hiking and speed walking are quickly proving to be one of the most popular pastimes that are enjoyed by all age groups. So, it should come as no great surprise that walking poles are employed by countless numbers of those who enjoy the stimulation of the fresh air and exercise. So, what are a few of the main benefits that these handy devices will offer? Safety The most obvious benefit of walking poles is that they will provide the user with a sense of balance on rural trails that may at times be difficult to negotiate. This can be particularly beneficial for those who are travelling with a backpack or other equipment that can throw off their centre of balance. Sturdy walking poles are excellent at maintaining a better sense of equilibrium and they can simultaneously be utilised to probe uneven terrain that may exist ahead. These poles provide what is known as bilateral stability and on more difficult excursions, they can help prevent slips and falls. Joint Health The ankles, knees and hips can endure a great deal of punishment even during an urban excursion. This is an important consideration for enthusiasts of all ages, but it is obviously a heightened concern for older individuals. The newest walking poles offer unprecedented levels of comfort and will help take the stress off of one's leg and hip joints. Professionally manufactured walking pole devices are also extremely lightweight and durable. They are quite easy to manipulate and will help spread the physical stress induced by hiking over a wider portion of the body. A Healthy, Whole Body Workout One of the most advantageous features of walking poles is that they mimic the natural walking motion of the human body. Using these poles can help tone and strengthen the abdominal group, the muscles in the arm and the entire shoulder girdle. This is beneficial to those who may suffer from poor circulation or those that may wish to reduce arthritic conditions. Additionally, the natural pumping action helps increase blood flow to the upper extremities of the body. These are but a few of the key advantages that utilising a pair of high-quality walking poles will provide the user. Indeed, enjoying the great outdoors has never been easier! Have you used walking poles during a hike before? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. For more information and to buy a pair of walking poles click here.