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The Benefits of Buying High-Quality Walking Boots

I thought I’d share a quick video with you about “The Benefits of Buying High-Quality Walking Boots". Please feel free to share and add your boot buying experiences in the comment box found at the bottom of the page. We get a lot of questions asked in the shop and online to our customer service team about why we would want to spend £200 on a pair of walking boots when there are cheaper alternatives. We can explain this.. A lot of people ask if it is just because of the brand - I assure you that's definitely not the case. The technology, design and materials used, all contribute to the higher price points and it generally goes without saying - you get what you pay for. The sole units on more expensive boots are often designed with extreme attention to detail - taking into consideration your foot width, length and your hight and weight too. This varies by brand so some people may be more suited to aspects of a certain brand whereas someone else may fit better with another. Some brands model their sole units on the average foot shape from a certain country or area - for example Europe. European feet generally have different characteristics to feet from other places in the world - so it is more likely to fit the target customer of that particular brand. As well as this, the materials used have been sourced with perfection in mind and often come from manufacturers and brands who are specialists in their own right, concentrating on developing and perfecting that material only, as their only export. Attention is often paid to how the foot will move within the boot and what type of ground the boots intended use is for and this is incorporated into the design. The leather used in the more expensive boots is often of a higher, thicker and luxurious grade than in cheaper boots, meaning it is less likely to crack and become useless at keeping your feet dry and protected - no matter how much you look after the cheap pair. Though that is a good point - you must look after your boots throughout their lifespan in order to maximise how long they last and therefore maximise your investment. Many high end boots use Gore-Tex and Vibram - these are both from expert manufacturers who are dedicated to perfecting these technologies. Gore-Tex is used in many other products around the world from the surgical field right down to your hiking boots! This is because it is really unrivalled at keeping your feet dry and climate controlled. More expensive boots may also contain memory foam which is great at providing a better fit all round - moulding to your own foot, as at the end of the day - everyone's feet are different. The more comfortable your boot, the longer you can wear it, meaning the further you go. So take time when it comes to choosing the right boot, don't rule out buying an expensive pair. Because in the long run, it might actually be a cheaper alternative for you. Buy cheap buy twice! A walking boot is an investment for your feet and should last you for years and years to come.