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The Best French Ski Resorts For Beginners

France is known for its delicious wines, cheeses, and its culture. It's also known for being perhaps the best country in the world to go skiing in. There are roughly 70 ski resorts around France, all of them catering to different people. If you're a beginner skier, there's no need to be intimidated by the French slopes. There are several great beginner ski slopes in France that you can get good on without feeling self-conscious. Here's a few of the best: Val d'lsère More then 90% of visitors to Val d'lsère are beginners or intermediates, making it one of the most beginner friendly ski slopes on the planet. This is due to the large slopes that the resort owners have set aside especially for beginners. While of course it's also suitable for group members who are more advanced, people who are just learning to ski, or have had little practice will find Val d'lsère to be very useful indeed. Ski instructors are on hand if you need their help with anything. Valmorel Valmorel is ranked by visitors as being excellent for beginners. It's got special areas for beginners and the resort prides itself on being accessible to everyone. If you're after a ski resort, you don't want one where you'll be feeling intimidated, and Valmorel aims to achieve that at a level most ski resorts don't aspire to. Courchevel This is a famous ski resort, which is pretty glamorous. People come to Courchevel from all over the world to race down the slopes and relax in the spacious chalets at the end of the day. This resort however is a great one for beginners. Why? It comes down the facilities as well as the tuition. Courchevel has one of the largest collections of ski instructors on the planet, mainly due to the size of the place. It's got specially cordoned off areas (they call "Zen") for beginners, and private tuition is available. If you've got kids, special waistcoats with magnets make sure they don't fall off the ski lifts! Les Deux Alpes This resorts is sometimes referred to as being "around the wrong way". That's because the more advanced slopes run down to the resorts, with the beginner areas located at the top of the mountain. That's great for anyone who prefers panoramic views over the mountains - no longer is that exclusive to the conquests of advanced skiers! A little more annoying for anyone who needs to access the resort quickly, but we're sure you can cope with that. Les Deux Alpes also features a large glacier, which while steep, has virtually no obstacles and is useful for people who can sometimes make mistakes. France offers some of the best skiing places on the planet. There's just something romantic about visiting a ski chalet in France. It doesn't have to be all about crazy good skiers though - beginners will find something in France that will suit their skiing