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The Best German Piste’s

If you are an avid skier and have ventured to the French and Italian Alps with friends or loved ones, you may have improved your ability to ski. As you will have discovered first hand, skiing is a very enjoyable pastime and many people ski around the world. As you may be currently looking for a new challenge on different trails which are in breathtaking surroundings, there are many ski resorts in Germany which you can enjoy.

High altitude German ski resorts

When skiing at higher altitudes in Germany, this can test your sensory reactions. As there is less air at higher altitude, you need to adapt your breathing ability, especially as you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, which are around you. Germany is renowned for its high altitude ski resorts, such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen which is 700 metres to 2830 metres above sea level. The venue of the annual ski jumping event World Cup Races, the quality of the snow which is at this venue is excellent. A traditional Bavarian town is situated at Garmisch-Partenkirchen which wouldn’t look out of place if it featured in a scene from ‘Sound of Music’. As excellent facilities are provided at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, you can enjoy yourself furthermore when you have put your skis away and want to sit back and relax. As well as Garmisch-Partenkirchen, there are other German ski resorts which will also enable you to have a great time. Fellhorn–Kanzelwand has an altitude of 815 metres to 2224 metres and is a popular attraction with families. Held at Fellhorn–Kanzelwand every year are ski-jumping world events and there are many facilities which can entertain children when they are not on the piste’s. With numerous ski areas situated around the village that’s at Fellhorn–Kanzelwand, it is a very enjoyable ski resort, especially as regular snowfall occurs throughout the year.

The largest ski resorts in Germany

If you want to ski for as long as you want, there are many German ski resorts which have large trails which you can enjoy uninterrupted. Lenggries/Brauneck is one of the largest Bavarian ski resorts because it has 100 kilometres of piste. Popular with the residents of Munich and other places in Germany, Lenggries/Brauneck also has a very steep slope. ‘Garland’ is infamous in Germany and any daring skier is very brave to take this steep slope on. Berchtesgadener Land is another very large German ski resort. With 40 kilometres of piste to enjoy, a picturesque village is found at Berchtesgadener Land which seems as though that it hasn’t changed in generations. With great accommodation also found at the village which is at Berchtesgadener Land, any skiing holiday or trip to this resort will be memorable. As there are many options to consider when you want to have a great time at Germany’s ski resorts, you’re bound to have the time of your life. About the author: Russell Hill works for ArtDriver and loves two things: skiing and playing tennis. This post was written by Russell for Executive Apartments Inc. (, a provider of fully furnished corporate apartment rentals in Arlington, VA.