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The Delight of a Croatian Hike

Even with your eyes closed, a walk in Croatia is a treat for the senses. The warm sun on your skin, and the scents of lavender fields and pine forests suggest you might be in the Mediterranean, whilst the sound of the sea lapping at the harbour wall and masts clinking together in the marina too could be hard to place. Opening your eyes to the clearest turquoise waters surrounding the terracotta roofed stone buildings clinging to the steep hillsides, is perhaps when you realise, you’re on the spectacular Dalmatian Coast. 2The combination of rocky and tree-covered hilly landscape is a paradise for walkers of all abilities. There are easier day walks right through to week long hikes, all with jaw-dropping views. If you’re keen to try a walking holiday for the first time, or are travelling with someone that hasn’t done a huge amount of walking before, head to the coast of Croatia. For starters it is beautiful, and impossible not to love. Furthermore, there is a wealth of shorter day-long excursions for walkers. Try hopping on a ferry to hop around the Dalmatian coast’s islands. To the south, the island of Hvar has fresh water springs, olive groves, and fruit orchards to explore. There is a great walk up to the hillside castle that gives you fantastic views down over the town of Hvar and out to sea. If you prefer some culture with your walks, Hvar town has historic buildings and meandering streets around its harbour. At the end of a long day’s exploring, Hvar town has a wide choice of restaurants to choose from, serving typically Mediterranean cuisine, fresh produce and fantastic wines. If you are feeling more adventurous, try heading up to the Plitvička Jezera National Park. This is further inland, and provides not only lush green and rocky mountainous landscapes, but also lakes and waterfalls. Whilst the park is fairly remote, there are traditional looking towns dotted along main road routes. Homes are, for the most part, wooden, almost Alpine in style. Another highly recommended spot is Paklenica, on the southern slopes of the Velebit mountain range which dominate central Croatia. There you will find two river canyons (Mala Paklenica and Velika Paklenica), neither of which have water running through them any more, making for fantastic walks. The canyon base trail has sheer cliffs rising to over 700m dramatically on either side. There are pretty streams to follow, beautiful valleys, plateaus and pine forests. 1If you are considering a healthy hiking holiday, look no further than Croatia. Besides offering you the perfect setting for any walk or hike, Croatia holidays have beaches, historic towns, spas, and delicious foods and wines to compliment! BIO: This is an article supplied by Top Travel Blogs, help from travellers to travellers!