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The Do's and Don'ts when Camping

When you're on a camping holiday, the last thing you want to have happen is to come face to face with a bear or get lost deep in the woods, so doing everything you can to prevent disaster is a must! Take a look at a few of our things to do and things not to do for a hassle free camping holiday.




Make sure you hike in groups. Although you may be hiking with someone who swears they know all there is to know about nature, it's very unlikely that they do. Make sure they don't wander off on their own and always take a compass with you just in case your nature loving friend can't talk to the birds for directions.


Take plenty of insect repellent away with you, use creams and sprays and citronella candle. The last thing you want is to be covered in bug bites and have the annoying buzz of them flying around in your tent.


Wear appropriate clothing for the outdoors. Although your plimsolls may seem like a comfortable option, you will soon realise they are not. If you're doing lots of walking invest in a pair of walking boots. If you're camping in the UK and you are guaranteed sunshine, don't believe the weatherman. Make sure you take waterproofs with you and warm clothing, just in case!





Think all animals you meet are friendly. They may look cute and cuddly like your cat or dog at home, but these animals are used to living in the outdoors and fending for themselves. They are not always as tame and are often covered in flees or disease.


Forget to put food away. Leaving ingredients and leftovers out will attract unwanted visitors. Keep all your food in containers stored away and keep them above ground level so that pests can't get at them and have their own little feast.


Get so thirsty that you drink from a lake. Although the lake may look crystal clear and as fresh as spring water, most lakes are swamped with bacteria that our bodies don't know what to do with. So don't forget to stock up on bottled water. Better still, take a hydration pack with you so you have a drink to hand at all times.


Think that fires won't happen. Being unprepared for a fire could be a huge camping disaster, the last thing you want to do is burn down thousands of acres of forest! Think before you light your match, make sure the fire isn't surrounded by tree cover, keep other woods and possible fire hazards 10ft out of reach. Keep water close by just in case things get out of hand and don't jump over the camp fire, it may seem like a fun game at the time, but it might not end happily ever after.