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The Features of a Swiss Army Knife - Micro Advice Video Series

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Hi guys. I'm Shaun from Today in this micro video, we're going to talk about the basic functions of a Swiss army knife. So, we've got this safety knife here. If you need to cut up anything, whether it be bits of wood or anything for your camp-fire, you can use that. It's going to be nice and sharp. You obviously have the traditional scissors and if you need to cut up packaging for food, that sort of thing, that's perfect for it. Obviously you've got your tweezers, and obviously you've got your toothpick. They're pretty obvious for what you need to use for them.

This little hole here you have for wire cutter, and it's going to be sharp enough, and obviously you pull on the wire and you'll be able to cut that. Obviously for brewskies, you've got the bottle opener there, and obviously on the tide there for flatheads, if you've got a flathead and you need to unscrew other bits of multi-tools or anything like that, that's going to do the job.

Obviously you've got the functional hook there, and traditionally it was used for horse hooves, but if you need to hang up for storage, you can use that there, hang it up in the tree or in your tent, that would be absolutely fine. As well as the Phillips head screwdriver there, which is pretty much universal of anything. You can even screw into bits of woods to make holes for if you're going to do the traditional wood burning, just to give it a nice groove, that's a nice little function to have there.

I hope that's helped you with the key functions of the Swiss army knife. Please take a look at more of our micro videos at