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The Gore Test

[caption id="attachment_3109" align="aligncenter" width="980" caption="Gore-Tex training"][/caption] Our Gore Tex knowledge was put to the test yesterday when we were pleasantly introduced to Gore-tex brand trainer "James Tomely" who came to the Simply Hike headquarters's to offer our staff the opportunity to refine their knowledge and to gain an industry recognised qualification to become Gore-Tex specialists. Gore-Tex technology is used in many outdoor clothing and footwear products. Its the most durably waterproof,  breathable outerwear in the world, it is also totally windproof. It is made by laminating a waterproof membrane (a composite of expanded polyetrafluoroethylene - ePTFE - and an oil hating substance) to a variety of fabrics suited to outdoor conditions. Even Wimbledon's tennis stadium uses the technology on its roof, helping to keep the spectators dry and not humid. We're now happy to announce that we have up to 11 in house staff (including our CEO) who are qualified and ready to offer you the best possible advice when it comes to kitting yourselves out in outdoor clothing and footwear items which use the Gore-Tex membrane technology. You can also expect to see our newest product and advice video's offering you the latest information about Gore-Tex technology and how its being used by the most popular outdoor brands.   Congratulations Kelvin...