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The Importance Of Mosquito Nets When Camping

Unlike insecticides and insect repellents, mosquito nets have a very simple way of working. They offer a basic function – that of protecting your body – by creating a barrier between you and the rest of the world when you sleep. In the tropics it is advisable to sleep under one even when you are indoors, depending upon your exact location. When you are camping, on the other hand, it is nigh on essential. Simply put, a tent will not keep mosquitoes and other midges from biting you at night. The problem is often exacerbated when camping because the insects are alerted to your presence by any light that shines - from your touch, for instance. Unlike, when you stay in a hotel in an urban area, torchlight on a camping site tends to get noticed by bugs. Even if you are camping in northern Europe – including the UK – then you can expect some mosquitoes during the summer months. A mosquito net affords you all the protection you will need at night inside your tent. Good ones, like those stocked by Simply Hike, can be hung from the interior of a hiking tent, suspended from the poles of a ridge tent or even come with their own support system, so-called free-standing mosquito nets. They are perfect for hiking expeditions when you do not always know exactly you will pitch your tents each night. If you end up spending the night close to water, especially by a lake, then bites from midges can be a real problem. Having recourse to a mosquito net means that you will get a good night’s sleep and be refreshed for the next day’s trek. Because mosquitoes and some other airborne insects can convey diseases, using one on an expedition to somewhere like southern Asia or Africa is essential. Problems caused by malaria and encephalitis, can be life limiting and even cause fatalities in extreme cases. By simply sleeping beneath a net in such locations you can do a lot to avoid ailments like these all together. Well maintained mosquito nets which have not been treated with insect repellents are all you need and can be completely effective in protecting you. Unlike some other anti-malarial measures, there are no adverse health effects. And, what’s more, they cause no harm to the natural predators of mosquitoes, such as dragonflies. Before you plan your next summer expedition to anywhere that insects could be a problem, make sure that you check out the latest mosquito nets that are available.