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The Top 10 Winter Hikes in Great Britain

  Britain's vast geographical variety has something to offer for hikers of every ability, from those who have just bought their first pair of crampons, to the hardened hiker who eats grit for breakfast! We've compiled a top ten of the best hike across Britain. You’re welcome! No.10 Pen-y-Ghent. The Pen-y-Ghent is a summit on the famous Three Peaks walk in Wales. From a distance this looks to be an imposing and majestic summit. In winter this can be covered in snow, making the last leg to the summit, especially precarious. No.9 Malvern Hills. The Malvern Hills are made up of a number of different trails set on a miniature mountain range. With plenty of facilities available for hikers, the hills offer something for hikers of every experience level. No.8 Hadrian's Wall Path. This relatively easy trail, keeps close to the historic Hadrian's Wall. Perfect for history buffs whom like to combine history and hiking. No.7 Offa’s Dyke. This is an ancient boundary line that runs along what is now the England/Wales border. It passes through almost eight counties, crisscrossing the border. This trail usually takes about two weeks to complete and offers the hiker stunning scenes in winter. No.6 Holyrood Park climb. Set in a royal park in the centre of Edinburgh, this climb offers a short and challenging trek to the top of Arthur's seat, at a height of 250 metres above the city. No.5 Larig Ghru The Larig Ghru is a mountain pass that cuts through the Cairngorm Plateux. Treking past some of the tallest mountains in Britain, this trail will make you feel like you've been dropped into the Lord of the Rings. No.4 The Southwest Coast Path. Known as an endurance hike, this 630 mile long trail has been completed by some in just 30 days, while others return year after year to sample each section of the path. No.3 Coast to Coast walk. Another entry from the Lake District, this brings you nearly 220 miles from Cumbria to the North sea Coast. Walkers are advised to dip their tired feet in the Irish Sea when they finish this marathon of a trail. Some say it is one of the top ten hikes in the world. No.2 Dover's White Cliffs. Explore one of Britain's most beautiful stretches of coastline with short hikes of up to 6 miles long. These walks take in the majesty of the cliffs with a number of historic sites to see along the way. No.1 Striding Edge. This is not one for hikers with a fear of heights. Commanding majestic views of the Lake District when cloud doesn't envelop you, hikers will find themselves steadily striding along at heights of up to 900 metres above ground. A good pair of hiking boots is essential for this trail. As this list shows, there is something here for every hiker. In winter, it is essential to stock up on winter gear, so you can enjoy the majestic scenery British winters have to offer. No matter how easy a trail may appear, it is always best to approach it with careful preparation. A well stocked kit will include a rucksack, whistle, waterproof clothing, maps, a compass, survival bags and much more.