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The ups of night-time skiing

“It’s like skiing through your own fairy tale winter wonderland,” one fan said. “The slopes are so empty you feel like you have the resort to yourself,” said another. Night-time skiing is taking off – and it's easy to see why the the beauty of being out on the slopes when everyone else is tucked up in a bar is catching on. [caption id="attachment_1182" align="alignleft" width="273" caption="Lovin' it: Night time skiing"][/caption] An increasing number of resorts are offering night-time skiing. Some have one night a week in the high season or a special night-time event on a regular basis. Thanks to modern, high-intensity lamps, large areas of the piste can be lit up, offering enough visibility for safe skiing. Add your own head lamp to the experience and it’s almost like skiing in daylight – except it’s not because skiing under a star-lit sky and a bright moon is even more amazing. While skiing at night-time is becoming more popular it’s still small-scale – most people are too tired after a day on the slopes to do anything more than eat, drink and go to bed – and so the slopes are empty of other people. The chance to ski or snowboard a piste that has only a dozen or so other people is an experience that isn’t to be missed. After-dark skiing is often accompanied by après-ski style fun, including music, crowded bars and perhaps even some live music. This is party time on the slopes and everyone is out for a laugh. But if you can find a resort that offers quiet-time after-dark skiing then grab you partner and head off for some romancing. Catching a chairlift under a starry sky before skiing peaceful slopes together is the stuff of true love! (PS. Remember though that drink and skiing don’t mix. It might be après ski time but partying, drinking alcohol and then skiing are a big no-no. Save the beers for the bar afterwards.)