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Tips for Planning a Ski Vacation

As soon as the snow starts to fall, my three boys start clamoring for our annual ski vacation. I never would have thought that skiing adventures were possible for my family after my boys were born, but every year we pull off an amazing vacation. Here are some tips that work for us: Book Ahead to Save Money and Get Amazing Deals The best deals on accomodations and transportation are found weeks or even months before departure. As a stay-at-home mom, one of my biggest contributions to our family’s vacation budget is the savings I can claim for us by getting great last minute ski deals. Dragging your tired children out of the airport only to have to deal with the stress of finding a hotel that suits everyone is no fun for anyone. Since I check travel reviews before booking, I can be sure that we will be staying somewhere safe, comfortable and clean with plenty of recreational opportunities that both my children and my husband and I can enjoy. Although we used to always stay in hotels, it is often worthwhile to consider renting a home for a family vacation. On top of offering privacy for my husband and me, our kids benefit from being able to spread out. It is frequently more affordable to rent a house since we can cook at home. It is also nice not to have to worry that there will be nothing on the menu for my picky eater! How to Manage all that Gear! The main challenge that distinguishes a ski vacation from other types of vacation is the weather. A ski vacation means bulky jackets, layers of special clothing and specialized equipment. If a ski lodge is within driving distance, we bring our own gear from home. Bulky jackets compress well in vacuum-sealed space bags and I highly recommend investing in a rooftop ski-rack for your vehicle if you know you will be going on frequent ski trips. If we are flying cross-country or internationally, we have found that it is much more expedient for our family just to rely on rentals. The price of transporting all that equipment on an airplane is astronomical and we worry constantly that something will be lost en route. Handling the Unexpected It is impossible to plan ahead for every possible problem. Remaining flexible is always critical. One of the main reasons I prefer renting a house over a hotel is that if we have an injury or an illness, having the room to spread out makes the trip so much more manageable. Being able to quarantine the sick affords them privacy and quiet while ensuring that the trip is interrupted for as few others as possible. Looking for a great place to experience some of the best skiing in the country? Check out our vacation rentals in Vail, you will have all the amenities of home with the view of snowy Colorado.