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Top 10 Most Dangerous Treks

10. Devils Path, New York

For those of you that think New York was just all concrete Jungle, think again. The devils path is considered amongst many American Hikers as one of the most challenging treks on their East coast. This trek has it all from fantastic scenery including the catskill peaks, steep paths, slippery slopes.................. Oh and er Hungry Bears!  

9 . Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a popular tourist destination even for many globe trekkers. Although not the most dangerous of Hikes, the Inca trail is still notoriously steep to climb as well as giving access to one the worlds greatest ancient cultures “ the Inca civilisation”. Nicknamed the “lost city”, Machu Picchu is said to of been deserted around 100 years after it was built, however it now remains as the most important archaeological site in South America. The total height is a staggering 8040 ft above sea level.  

8. West Coast Trail, Vancouver island

This is a huge 48 mile trek around the pacific coast. Popular with many Hikers across the globe, enthusiasts have to be aware of the dangers they will face along the way. These come in the form of the wild animals native to Canada, being Grisly bears, Wolves and Cougers! If this wasn't enough your reactions are going to have to be in top condition, the wobbly ladders, and creaking bridges wouldn't look out of place in an Indiana Jones Movie!  

7. Peek – a – Boo Gulch, USA Utah

With its beautiful but deceptive scenery, Peek - a - boo Gulch is a favorite amongst the extreme Hikers. This trail is not for the claustrophobic, with enclosed and extremely narrow spaces the slimmest of Hikers still struggle. And if those tight narrow spaces weren't scary enough, you will be surrounded by rock fins, potholes and drops for the entire trek, not to mention the dirty swim through the thick muddy water near the canyons mouth.  

 6. Wendenstock, Switzerland

In past this trail has claimed the lives of many Hikers. Paths are extremely difficulty to follow, especially when covered in the grass. An error of miss-Judgment could be end of you with drops of a few hundred feet leading to the base of the Swiss alps.  

5.  The Philippines' Mount Pinatubo

The Mount Pinatubo has some of the most stunning views in the world. It's no wonder this destination attracts the keenest of Hiking Junkies. However, you don't want to become too fixated on the surrounding beauty, steep paths and sharp rocks are a plenty. You might also want to take into consideration the live volcano that your treading on!!!!............... It last erupted in 1991.

4.  Kokoda Track - Papua New Guinea

This is one of the most deadliest treks this earth has to offer. In 2009 4 hikers lost their lives on separate occasions. The trek is a massive 60 miles long and takes around 4-10 days to complete, climbing a massive 7,000 ft during that time. With sweltering heat and malaria in the air, Kokoda track is also said to be remote, so don't go getting injured too heavily there’s no Hospitals for miles.  

3. El Camino del Rey - Spain

Recent history of this route has lead to the deaths of several Hikers, springing the El camino del Rey up the worlds most dangerous hikes  list. The condition on the paths throughout the trek are extremely hazardous, with most the concrete crumbling onto the rocks below. Steel poles are located throughout the walk, providing the only way to successfully cross the walkways. These poles are also missing their hand-rails which have also long perished with the concrete.  

2. Mount Everest – Nepal …............... of course!

Based in Nepal and reaching over 29,000 ft, Mount Everest is the biggest Mountain in the world.  Everest has claimed many victims over the years and 1998 it claimed its highest number of 15 victims. There are said to be around 120 corpses left on the mountain with the most common killer being avalanches. Good Luck Prince Harry.......  

1. The Hua Shan – China

This wins our vote for worlds most Dangerous trek. This trail has taken the lives of some in-experienced and irresponsibible hikers. Full of native tourists and young daredevils, the trail is popular world wide. The most dangerous part of the trail is called the “Changong Zhandao”, a 1ft wide wood plank is the only bit of safety between you and the abyss below. There are two ways to appreciate the beauty of this trail, I think i'd rather take the cable car to the peak!