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Top 10 Unusual Places to Ski

Top 10 Unusual Places to Ski 1. Mzaar, Lebanon With great slopes and an amazing setting, this ski resort is one of the most unusual in the world simply because it is in the Middle East! In the centre of Mount Lebanon and is surrounded by 40 square kilometres of breathtaking views of the slopes. 2. Ski Dubai A very strange sceptical in such tropical climates, the Dubai ski resort is an indoor venue where you can enjoy a day of skiing on the 3000 square metre slopes. Great for anyone that wants to cool down on a day in the dessert! 3. Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand Famous for its movie appearance in Lord of the Rings, Mount Ruapehu is an active volcano (it last erupted in 2007) and is home to two popular ski areas, Turoa and Whakapapa. With different levels of slopes in both areas, this is a great setting for skiing or snowboarding. 4. Yllas, Lapland Surrounded by the forever festive Lapland scenery, Yllas is steeped in fantastic winter wonderland history and is a popular family resort. With several villages near the resort boasting fun activities and beautifully picturesque lakes and land, it is no wonder it is popular. Unique for is Christmas vibe and the Aurora Borealis, this is great if you are looking for fun as well as a special setting. 5. Ben Lomond, Tasmania This National park is a varied and charming resort with its peak summit sitting at 1500 meters. Rather than opting for a traditional Australian holiday, Ben Lomond is surrounded by a very scenic view and Flinders Island can even be seen as you zoom down the sloped on your skis! 6. Atlas Mountains, Morocco The Oukaimeden resort is the most popular in this region of the Atlas Mountains, and not many people are even aware of this African resort! The highest resort on the continent, it is 3000 meters up and offers skiers a magnificent view of the surroundings. 7. Mauna Kea, Hawaii The second volcano in our top 10 list, Mauna Kea is popular destination for avid astronomers. Less of a commercial resort and more unexplored terrain, this is best for professional or well seasoned skiers. 8, Mount Hermon, Israel A much fought-over piece of land, Mount Hermon currently belongs to Israel and because of its history and location it is one of the most unusual ski locations because it is adjacent to a cordoned off mine field and military base! 9. Chacaltaya, Bolivia The highest resort in the world, the Chacaltaya stands at 5200 metres and boasts only one chair lift! Once a great beauty, due to recent global warming the ice caps have begun to melt so this little gem may not be here for much longer… 10. AfriSki, Losotho Not far from Johannesburg, this resort is rich in pistes and has only 2 slopes, yet is an unusual resort simply because of its location – who would have thought you could ski in South Africa?!