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Top 5 Australian Alps Experiences

  Despite their prominence in the south-eastern corner of Australia, not much is known about the Australian Alps. However, the whole area is filled with natural beauty, and in addition provides a wealth of opportunities to pursue exciting activities whatever your tastes. We looked at five of the very best experiences to be had in the Australian Alps during your trip to the area.

Skiing and Summer Adventures

The Australian Alps get more annual snowfall than the whole of Switzerland, so naturally the area is a must for skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. The best snowy peaks are situated in the New South Wales portion of the Alps, with the best slopes to be found at Perisher Blue and Charlotte Pass. This area is great for hiking in the summer, too. Head to the top of Mount Kosciuszko to find a UNESCO nature reserve that is home to 20 unique plant species. There are also many clear streams making for excellent fishing opportunities, as well as beautiful fields and rolling countryside if you are simply looking to explore.

Visit Mountain Towns

While the Victorian portion of the Alps also provide many great skiing opportunities, by far the biggest attraction in this area is the old-school, historic mountain towns that grace routes up many of the local peaks. Cross the mountains into the valleys to experience vineyards like no others around the world, and discover the courthouse where notorious outlaw Ned Kelly stood trial.

Hit the Wildlife Trail

Like much of Australia, this mountain range is home to many species of native wildlife that will allow you to get up close (not too close!) and acquainted with kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies. The Namadigi National Park provides opportunities for rock climbing and bike riding for those with adventure on their minds, while guided bushwalks into the wild are also a popular pursuit.

Walk the Alps

The Australian Alps Walking Track is a challenging 650km trek that will take in all of the great aspects of the area. Not only will you travel by foot, but by horseback and even canoe should it be required! This is definitely something worth doing, although even though it is a very rewarding experience you should ensure you are physically and mentally up to it first.

Alps by Car

You have heard of the Great Ocean Road, but what about the Great Alpine Road? This winding route will take you past all of the best sights and landmarks in the Australian Alps, without ever needing to get out of your car or campervan. Not necessarily the most adventurous way to see this beautiful place, but an amazing experience nonetheless. This is an article written by Rob from Transfercar in Australia. Rob is an expert on travel and tourism and recently has carried out a lot of research about campervan relocations in a number of different countries as a means to travel the world.