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Top 5 Hiking Baselayers

With Autumn drawing in we thought it would be best to do one of our world famous top 5's, but what top 5 shall we start with? Well why not baselayers? They're one of the first things we put on when going out for a hike so probably the best place to start. Here's our picks of the bunch...

Montane - Primino 220

Montane Mens Primino 220 The Primino 220 from Montane is a great lightweight and super warm baselayer. With its great mix of merino wool and Primaloft it will keep you nice and warm no matter how chilly it gets outside. Not only that, the Merino works perfectly at keeping your core body temperature at a comfortable level. The Primaloft tech that has been mixed with the Merino in this baselayer as it gives the Primino 220 better breathability and helps the baselayer dry faster.

Icebreaker - Everyday Long Sleeve

Icebreaker Mens Everyday Long Sleeve The Everyday Long Sleeve baselayer from Icebreaker is a classic. This baselayer is made from pure merino wool, this ensures the best warmth, breathability and drying tech that nature has to offer. The slim fit design means the baselayer is quick at regulating your core body temperature which will stop you either under or over heating. The flat lock stitching and the forward side seams also mean it is a really comfortable fitting baselayer.

Montane - Primino 140

Montane Mens Primino 140 The Primino 140 from Montane is great long sleeved baselayer. Just like the Primino 220 it features Merino wool and Primaloft with a slim fit design. This means that the Primino 140 will keep you cool when it's hot but will also keep you warm when its cold by keeping your core body temperature where it should be. This baselayer also features flatlock seams which have a low profile meaning the fit will be close, and even when it's close to the skin it will be comfortable.

Helly Hansen - Warm

Helly Hansen Womens HH Warm The Warm Ice Crew baselayer from Helly Hansen is a brilliant all round baselayer. It features a mix of merino wool and Lifa Stay Dry tech. As mentioned previously, the Merino is great at helping to control your core body temperature, keeping you warm when cold and cool when it's warm. The Lifa Stay Dry tech is beneficial as it increases breathability giving you better wicking of moisture and also makes this a quick drying baselayer.

Helly Hansen - Dry

Helly Hansen Womens HH Dry Original Another classic from Helly Hansen is the Dry. The Dry is a synthetic baselayer designed to keep you cool in hot climates but also to keep you cool when doing activities like winter hiking, skiing and cycling. This feature is one of the main reasons why it's in our top 5. Even though it's a synthetic baselayer because it's designed to keep you cool, it works really well at keeping you cool. But don't worry, it still has warming properties that help your core body temperature correct if you're getting a little too cold!
What baselayer do you use when autumn and winter walking? We would love to hear what you have to say.. so comment below.