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Top 5 Picks: Head Torches

Head Torches


Are you spoilt for choice when it comes to head torches? Well lucky for you guys us lot here at Simply Hike have come up with our top 5 picks of the coolest head torches on the market to date. So in no particular order let’s start shall we….  




Black Diamond: Sprinter Head Torch




The Sprinter from Black Diamond is a great light weight but powerful head torch. The head torch only uses 1 double power LED which packs a massive 130 lumens on max. From this LED you get a massive 30 metre range which on its lowest setting is 2 metres.

The Sprinter features a red safety LED at the rear of the torch making you stand out on the hill side which is ideal for trail runners. When the head torch is set on max you get 6 hours of burn time and on the lowest setting you get a massive 42 hours of burn time.

This Black Diamond head torch uses a simple side touch button to change the bulb setting and you can also recharge the battery pack via a USB cable. The icing on the cake is that the Sprinter is protected against splashing or spraying at any angle, this gives it its IPX4 waterproof rating.  




Petzl: MYO Head Torch




The MYO is a classic head torch from Petzl. You have a maximum of 370 Lumens (including in “boost mode”) and the MYO has a max light distance of 90 metres. Even on max you get an amazing 50 hours of battery life.

This Petzl head torch uses 3 x AA batteries (which are included) but you can replace them for NiMh rechargeable batteries if you wanted to. It also has a fantastic wide angle lens giving you greater peripheral lighting.

The MYO works in all conditions from hot to low temperatures and even though this is a classic design they have updated the head torch to make it water resistant. The final touch to the MYO is the diffuser you can “flick” up at the front of the torch which stops the glare of the LED bulb. Perfect for reading maps, cooking and general camp life.  




Black Diamond: Spot Head Torch




The Spot head torch from Black Diamond is an ideal head torch for outdoor adventurers, backpackers or climbers! The Spot packs a punch with 130 Lumens, it weighs an impressive 90 grams and with the Powertap technology it’s quick and easy to use.

Depending on what settings you have this Black Diamond head torch on can determine the battery life and the beam distance. If you were to have the Spot on its triple power function on the highest setting you will get a beam length of 75 metres but get a burn time of an amazing 70 hours, and get tons more options to choose from.

The Spot uses 3 AAA batteries which works perfectly with the LEDs that are used in this head torch. With the Spot you are also covered with Black Diamond's 3 year guarantee which is always a big plus for us here at Simply Hike.  




Black Diamond: Ion Head Torch




If you are after a really light weight and simple functioning head torch then the Ion from Black Diamond is something to consider. The Ion uses just one LED bulb but offers you 80 Lumens. The Ion also has a red LED function for low viz which is a really nice touch.

This Black Diamond head torch may only have a single LED but the beam range is still really good, it's 38 metres on its highest beam and 3 metres on it's lowest beam! But if that doesn’t impress you, how about the fact that if you use the head torch on low beam settings you get a massive 200 hours battery life!

The housing for the Ion has touch control meaning you can play around with the settings easily and change beams quickly. Finally, to top it off this head torch only weighs 48 grams.  




Petzl: Tikka XP Head Torch




Another updated classic is the Tikka XP from Petzl. The Tikka XP has a brilliant 160 lumens which gives you a max beam distance of 70 metres. Depending on the setting the head torch is on, the battery life is pretty impressive from two hours of short burst light to 100 hours of ambient light.

This Petzl head torch features a red LED bulb which is perfect for night vision and low viz. It also uses an easy one-push button system so finding the right beam setting for you is simple and quick to get to.

It has a waterproof rating of IPX4 meaning it has great weather resistance, and finally the Tikka XP uses 3 AAA batteries but is compatible with rechargeable NiMh batteries.  




There we have it, our top 5 picks for head torches! Of course we stock lots of other head torches, to view them just take a look at our head torch page. Do you own any of the above? Or what is your favourite head torch? We would love to hear what you have to say so just comment below!