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Top 5 Picks: Leather Hiking Boots



Now people might think that leather hiking boots are becoming a thing of the past due to the many changes with synthetic materials. But leather boots aren't going down without a fight (hurrah!). Big hiking brands are changing their designs for leather boots making them stronger, lighter and just as waterproof as synthetic boots. So it gives us great pleasure here at Simply Hike to introduce you to our top 5 picks (so far this year) of leather boots. Enjoy…




Berghaus: Hillmaster




Formally known as the Brasher Hillmaster the Berghaus crew have overhauled the boot but have kept all of its key components. The Hillmaster is still a classic full grain leather hiking boot with a standard fit.

The Hillmaster has a Gore-Tex membrane making it 100% waterproof and breathable. The collar and the tongue of this Berghaus boot is lined with memory foam to give you maximum comfort and the leather is made in Britain by the leather company Pittards.

The Hillmaster has a Vibram sole which offers the hiker amazing grip, but due to the classic design of the grip you get brilliant anti-clogging. It’s no wonder the Hillmaster won Camping Editor’s choice awards in 2013.





Asolo: Power Matic 200




The Power Matic 200 from Asolo is a full grain leather hiking boot suited for all types of terrain. They use a Gore-Tex membrane to keep the boot highly waterproof and breathable and a Vibram sole, which although doesn’t have a crampon rating is stiff, making it perfect for scrambling.

The ankle support on this Asolo boot is great. No matter what you are walking on you will feel the support straight away, but a massive plus is that if you are walking on low level and flat ground where ankle support isn’t really needed the height of the support won't interfere or make it uncomfortable.

The Power Matic 200 is a perfect hiking boot whether scrambling, hiking, coastal walking or even walking the dog, it ticks all boxes.





Mammut: Mt Trail XT




The Mt Trail from Mammut are (yes you guessed it) a full grain leather walking boot with a serious rand around it. This Mammut boot has the Gore-Tex membrane keeping the boot 100% waterproof and breathable.

It is based on a classic full height leather walking boot giving you all the support you need for any trail you hit. The sole uses MT traction to give you a better positioned foot within the boot and lets the boot “roll” with your foot's natural posture.

The Mt Trail is B1 crampon rated hiking boot making a perfect choice for those winter walks. The crampon function also works brilliantly with the MT traction. This boot is perfect for hikers, scramblers and people looking to do some classic winter walking.





Meindl: Kansas




A hot pick for us here at Simply Hike is the Kansas hiking boot from Meindl. Now this boot is made from Nubuck leather meaning it's more light weight than a full grain leather boot and has a bit more flexibility.

The great thing about the Kansas is that it has a nice wide fit to it making it an ideal choice for those people that have a wider foot or like a wider boot! The boot is covered in Gore-Tex for waterproofing and breathability.

This Meindl boot features Air-Active technology which allows air-flow to circulate throughout the boot keeping your feet cool at all times. The Kansas is a great all-rounder boot perfect for hiking, backpacking, trekking, coastal walking and even walking the dog!





Berghaus: Supalite




The hint is in the name; they are probably one of the lightest leather hiking boots that we have come across here at Simply Hike! Berghaus might have taken over production of the Supalite from Brasher but they have kept all the key features.

Let’s side track a little shall we! Did you know that the Supalite was originally made from pig leather! It was the closest type of leather to compete with the breathability of a human. But because of cost they soon had to change to normal leather.

Although the leather is soft on the Supalite it is a full grain leather hiking boot. The clever thing about the Supalite is that the support it offers is amazing, something that you would really think about when you have it in your hand. But once you have popped your foot into this boot and tied up the lace you soon understand that the vacuum you create holds your foot in nicely in place.

The Supalite has a Gore-Tex membrane and Vibram sole making it ideal for all types of walking whether it's mountains or coastal.





So there we have it our top 5 picks for leather walking boots! What do you think of our top 5? Have we missed out any boots we would love to hear what you have to say just comment below.