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Top 5 Tents For Winter Wild Camping

When the weather gets a little colder and wetter it's time to get out your winter gear, check it over, and hit the hills! But what if your tent has seen better days?

Well lucky for you, we here at Simply Hike have put together our top 5 Autumn and Winter tents perfect for wild camping in the colder months.


Terra Nova - Quasar ETC

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.25.21

The classic Quasar is a fan favourite with most hikers and wild campers, so without further ado let us introduce you to the Quasar ETC. It has the same geodesic design of the Quasar but the ETC offers you tons more room due to the extended tent canopy (ETC), so if you're after more space when wild camping look no further than the ETC.



Wild Country - Trisar


The most popular tent from Wild Country is the Trisar. The free standing design makes it a quick pitch tent, ideal for Autumn and early Winter. The Trisar is suited for all types of wild camping and even if you're doing your DofE. The 3 pole structure and semi geodesic design mean you can pretty much pitch up anywhere with the Trisar.



Force Ten - Vortex Lite

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.25.40

The Vortex Lite is a compact, lightweight, full geodesic tent with lots of space. If you're long distance hiking and wild camping and need something small and lightweight, but want a lot of room in your tent then the Vortex Lite is one to consider. It has a pitching time of a bout 10 - 15 minutes, weighs 2680 grams and has a 6000HH making it ideal for Autumn and Winter time.



Terra Nova - Polar Lite


Another lightweight tent to consider is the Polar Lite from Terra Nova. Due to the three pole tunnel design this tent really is quick to pitch. Also, because of the design you get equal head room throughout the tent which in our books is always a good thing. To keep the weight down the Polar Lite comes with DAC Poles and pegs which are super strong but also seriously lightweight.



Terra Nova - Quasar

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.26.26

Yes we know we know we had the Quasar ETC as our first tent but the Quasar is a fan favourite with UK hikers and campers (as stated earlier) so it had to be on this list! The geodesic design means no matter where you pitch it will stand tall and secure. The 8000HH offers you brilliant waterproofness to keep you dry during the wet nights but also will keep you cool to help reduce condensation build-up in the tent.



What tent do you take when Autumn and Winter wild camping? Or do you bivi it up? We would love to hear your thoughts and stories so comment below...