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Top iPhone Apps For Skiers And Snowboarders

Skiing and snowboarding have been popular sports for a long time now but recent developments in technology have seen the boundaries of the sports pushed. In the past, skiers and snowboarders have found themselves struggling with poor maps and crude methods of logging their progress through their favourite runs. Times are changing, however, and there is now an array of apps available for the iPhone which can change the way skiers and snowboarders navigate the slopes. Here, we look at some of the best apps out there today and how they can help you on the slopes. Ski Tracks This is a fantastic app which logs your daily activity as your phone sits quietly in your pocket throughout your time on the slopes. Using precise GPS technology, the app can track your movement across the snow, recognising when you sit on a chairlift, thus having the ability to judge the beginning of a new run on its own. This allows you to relax, safe in the knowledge that everything you do is being logged without you having to get out your phone between runs. The app included some advanced stat tracking software which allows you to perform an in-depth analysis of your runs. Details of altitude and speed allow you to compare runs and work on your performance, getting the most from your time on the snow. Snocator This app focuses on mapping. Better than a snow drenched and poorly detailed piece of paper stuffed in your pocket is a small piece of advanced software that recognises your position and keeps you informed of your surroundings. Not only is this app great for locating new and interesting runs but it is also capable of locating the best places to stop for lunch or rest your head that evening. On top of this, users can expect detailed snow forecasts and live cams for nearby slopes. Phresheez Phresheez is one of the most functional apps on the market today. An overwhelming amount of information allows you to watch your runs back at the end of the day. As well as providing animated graphics which log your performance, the app is optimised for competition. Not only will the app allow you to locate your friends out on the slopes but it features a number of ways in which you and your buddies can compare your statistics across the same runs. Whether you're keen to beat your own times or those of your mates, Phresheez is one of the most accurate ways of comparing your performances. The Snow Report This app from North Face does a simple job extremely well. The primary purpose of the app is to provide you with detailed and up to date information on the conditions of the runs in your area – or, for that matter, anywhere. There are a lot of very complex apps out there which can provide you with every last statistic. Although this app does little beyond providing a forecast, it is a breath of fresh air, with a very simple interface and clear information.

iTrail Map 3D The clue to what sets this app apart from others is in the name. The app allows users to download and view piste maps in 3D, meaning that it is easier than ever to gauge the difficulty of the run and to visualise the true shape of each run. Craig Thompson is an experienced skier and photographer based in the French Alps. He offers regular advice to skiers of all abilities and recommends that anyone interested in the sport visit Mad Dog Ski - your source for all ski, skiing, snowboarding information.   Simply Piste
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