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Top Tips For Travelling To Camp

Having a great time at a campsite has to start with actually getting there. Everybody has their own ways of making the most of car journeys but here are ten tried and tested top tips to make the most of the trip:
  • Allow ample time rather than set an unrealistic or demanding schedule and take the stress out of in-car route finding with satellite navigation.
  • Have plenty of favourite music - plug in the iPod or make up your own 'car mix' compilation CDs.
  • Talking books always seem to eat up journey times.
  • Regular breaks ease in-car tensions and help to keep drivers alert.
  • Pack a coolbox and flasks with everything you need for something to eat and drink en route; being self-contained saves time, money and aggravation.
  • Instead of a bulky washbag, use a lightweight travellers’ washkit; keep it handy in the car to refresh yourself. They take up little space and are far handier to carry, hang up and use when you head off to the shower block later.
  • Hand and face wipes with an antibacterial cleaning solution have a wide variety of uses.
  • The easiest way to keep track of key paperwork, tickets, credit cards and money on holiday is to use a neat document wallet. Keeping it all together focuses the mind on not losing it.
  • When you need some form of breakdown assistance, you really need it. That annual charge always seems like a bargain if you give it a miss and the car then breaks down on the way to your holiday site or festival.
  • When you pitch up on site, make a fresh brew and unwind a little before setting up camp.