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Top Tips When Shopping For A Camping Sleeping Bag

Not every camping sleeping bag is created equal. This is true in not only their cut and style, but with the kind of filling that is used for their insulation, as well as additional features that can make your camping experience even better. When you are looking to find the right sleeping bag for you and your own particular excursion there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first thing to consider when purchasing your camping sleeping bag is where and when you plan to be doing the majority of your hiking and camping. This refers specifically to the climate and temperatures, for if you are going to be met with hot and humid environments you want a camping sleeping bag that is breathable and light. Conversely if you are going to be trekking out in a rainy, bitterly cold, or more arduous adventure you want a sleeping bag that is both durable and weather resistant. For the camper that is looking to be going out in more hiker friendly times, a rectangular camping sleeping bag will generally suffice. These are less expensive as well as being able to give your legs more room as you slumber. Synthetic sleeping bags are the most popular sleeping bag and are generally less expensive than down bags but are fine for normal family camping temperature ranges. Another little known benefit is that for those of us who are allergic to down bags they make a great alternative. A mummy cut sleeping bag is going to be a bit more restrictive for the very reason that it is made to optimally shield you from any outside winds or drafts. The hood will come with a drawstring to be pulled tight around your head and you should feel like you are in your own little cocoon. Down sleeping bags offer exceptional warmth and are often used for extremely low temperature ranges like mountain terrians and polar expeditions. Other features you can look for in your camping sleeping bag are pockets if you want to be able to house small camping accessories such as a pair of socks or hat. A zip fly is excellent at helping keep the warm air inside by shielding any gaps along the zip and a draft collar is found in most mummy style sleeping bags just below the head to keep the neck and shoulders warm. Something more to think about when shopping for a camping sleeping bag is if you plan on going out alone or with a few others. If you are a camper looking to get a one on one experience with the outdoors then you will be fine with a standard single sleeping bag, but if you are usually in a pair you can opt for a double sleeping bag. These double sleeping bags are a much better alternative to simply zipping two single sleeping bag together because they are made just for such a purpose and will be better adept at keeping both you your partner insulated. Once you have a clear idea of what your particular camping plans are you can then go about selecting the perfect camping sleeping bag for just that.