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Trekking the Atlas Mountains

For any enthusiastic hiker looking for a challenge that will reward them with unparalleled views and sights that will dazzle, heading to the Atlas Mountains is a must. Reaching heights upwards of 13,000 feet in Morocco, the Atlas Mountains are going to offer you plenty of sandy trails to reach towards the sky. So slip into your most comfortable hiking shoes, pack your camping equipment, a sleeping bag or two, and be ready for the adventure of a lifetime.



Unlike some destinations, when you are in the Atlas Mountains you can expect the weather conditions to be nearly ideal no matter at what time of the year you are going. This will mean you can then pack your camping gear accordingly and wind your way to the summit. You can choose to go it alone or with a others on your own agenda, but you may want to travel with a guide or official excursion tour to ensure you don't miss any of the best sights along the way to the top.


These include not only gorges and valleys made by the hand of nature but also the villages that offer their own unique culture and beauty. One such town is Imlil which is also be near ancient groves of walnut, cherry, and peach trees; you can then treat yourself to a sweet bite of the nectar of the Earth.


Should you be hiking the Atlas Mountains during the summer months you will surely hit the Ourika Valley that will not consist of the usual sandy scapes but instead you will be met with a greenery that is simply stunning. Further in the village of Setti Fatma there will be cascades of seven waterfalls that you can take off your backpack near and take a dip in to cool off.


While trekking up the Atlas Mountains won't require you to have any mountaineering experience, and you could even opt to travel atop a burro or donkey, you will still want to make sure you have all the necessary camping equipment including a tent, sleeping bag, and adequate supplies and food.  


These hikes can last you as short as a single day or as long as three weeks' time. As with any outdoor adventure it is better to be overly prepared than lacking in a moment of need.


Finally even if you won't need to be scaling any mountain walls the stark increase in altitude will take a toll so you want to make sure that you are physically prepared to handle it as such. Yet properly packed and ready for the challenge, a trip up the Atlas Mountains is something that will leave you humbled by the power of nature and greet you with sights you will never forget.