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Trekking the equator

Taking your hiking around the world is one of the favoured past times of any outdoor enthusiast, and if you are hoping to be met with sunny skies and similarly hotter temps, grab your camping tents and hiking shoes and set off for the equator. Yes, this coveted destination is going to be quite exotic and put you into contact with a variety of animals you may never be able to see elsewhere, but before you set off make sure you’ve got all your needs covered. Just like any other trekking holiday you will need a full backpack filled with all of your outdoor clothing; you will have the standard three layers as well. Your base layer should be made of high quality materials adept at wicking away any moisture as it accumulates during your rigorous travels.  This will then keep the moisture moving out and away from your body so you aren’t left either too damp and chilly or just hot and sticky. The mid layer should also be plenty breathable so that all that moisture does indeed find its way out and into the atmosphere. This layer needs to be lightweight but still offer insulation for when it gets cold but conversely not keep excessive amounts of heat trapped inside when the mercury rises.  Finally the outermost layer needs to be fully weatherproof. Those unannounced showers run aplenty around the equator so be prepared with garments that will leave you just as dry as when you started out. Further they still need to retain an element of breathability to ensure you aren’t left wet with your own perspiration. We’ve covered the apparel, but the other essentials for your trek are going to be a top notch backpack that fists your body right. It should have not only straps for your shoulders but one around your waist to limit strain on your back as you heft around the camping gear inside. You should have a water bottle to ensure that you always remain hydrated, tuck away some snacks for on the go, and if you plan to be staying overnight you need the weatherproof camping tents and sleeping bags as well. Yet perhaps the very most critical element is a map and a planned course for your adventure; don’t pass up on doing the necessary background information checking and follow the guided path you set out on. As much as exploring Mother Nature is fun you don’t want to be left lost and stranded in this big, wide world. There are then a few things you will need to take care of before you ever pack that first piece of gear. These include getting the proper vaccinations to be sure you don’t contract an illness while away and also that your paperwork and visas are both up to date and readily available; these are musts for any international travel. Once you’ve got all you need get set for the experience of a lifetime!