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UK camping holidays you cannot miss

Looking to hit the trails and set up camp across the UK for your next holiday? Well, if you’ve got the camping equipment and outdoor clothing, and your motto is ‘will travel’, than read on to find the hottest spots you’ve got to head to for your next outdoor excursion.



The first will take you atop mountainous peaks, scuba diving expeditions, and even a glimpse at the avian fare surrounding Lundy Island in Bristol Channel. This island will be reached by boat from Bideford or Illfracombe and then you will be able to spend your nights and days exploring the wonders of the outdoors in every sense of the word. No matter if you are more inclined to rock climb or splash in the waters, a full agenda is in order.


Should you be looking to take a little less of your camping gear and rely a bit more on modern technology, with the family you can head to Watertop Farm in Ballycaste, Antrim. Here you can still experience the sprawling meadows filled with sheep and take a rigorous hike at your own whim, but those looking to spice things up with another thrill will delight in the go karting at break neck speeds. This is a wonderful place to balance the techno obsessed younger generation while still getting some fresh air.


Looking to go green this camping holiday? You can go to Freshwater Bay in the Isle of Wight where you will be met with carbon-free charcoals to cook up your food…you better make sure that it is strictly organic of course! 


Yet if you don’t have to worry about younger children and are more experienced in all things outdoors you can take a more adventurous trek to Snowdonia. Here you will be nearly left at one with Mother Nature and all the animals that the area encompasses. There are numerous trails to embark upon and remote sites to set up your camping tent and park that sleeping bag.


Tristram in Polzeath, Cornwall will give you the perfect chance for hitting the beach as well as perusing the high cliffs situated above you. Here you can opt to cook up your own fare off of your outdoor gear or for anyone looking to make their ‘roughing it’ holiday a bit easier they can head to the café that is not too far away.



So when you are ready to check out of that stuffy cubicle and breathe in a great gust of wild breeze, head to one of these top rated locales not too far away!