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UK skiing in the summer - you don’t need snow for these ski breaks!

UK skiing in the summer- you don’t need snow for these ski breaks! You don’t need to splash out on expensive flights to Sweden for a ski break! There are many places you can go to get your skiing fix, in the middle of summer too. And the prices for a day out on a UK ski slope won’t break the bank as much as jetting off to the Alps will. So dig out those hats and gloves, and make your way to one of the following UK Ski Slopes. Here are a few you’re guaranteed to love.
    • The Snow Centre in Hemel Hampstead embraces both skiers and snowboarders of every level of ability with welcoming arms! Whether you’re a snowboarding or skiing novice or a well-trained pro, you’ll find services, facilities and instructors to suit your level. You can go on freely, or sign up for lessons (which are very reasonably priced). With a 150 seat Cafebar there’s also a chance to sit back and relax too! Perhaps you want to watch everyone else fall on their bums, after you’ve tired yourself out!
Tour of The Snow Centre from thesnowcentre on Vimeo.  
  • Aberdeen Snow sports centre offers a range of clubs, group lessons, and private lessons as well as taster sessions…. Perfect if you’re still not condifent enough to sign up for a multiple-class course. The centre also offers tubing, snowboarding or skiing parties too, which sounds like an awesome excuse for a party to us! Their party packages come complete with the option of catering too, which means you just turn up and enjoy the experience.
  • With a wide range of snow sport activities, Alpine Snow Sports Centre is perfect for ages and levels of ability. The centre is 110 metres long whilst the other two slopes are 75 metres. All slopes are fully lighted and open till late evening (10pm). For some relaxation and rest there’s a bar on site, as well as a café! No beers before you hit the slopes though – save that for afterwards.
  • Avon Ski & Action delivers great snow sporting experiences no matter what time of the year it is! Located in scenic woodland it’s situated by the remarkable Mendip hills south of Bristol and Bath in Somerset! The 165-metre dry ski slope is great for competent and skilled skiers, whilst the tobogganing slope is perfect for kids. In addition, there are a range of other activities to keep you occupied, such as rifle shooting, archery and 4X4 racing!
  • You’ll find Dorset Snow sport centre located in Warmwell Holiday Park! Here you’ll find one of the UK’s top snowboard and ski slopes. At 110 m, the slope also includes table top jumps, rainbow 7 straight rails and a “Big Kicker”. The park opens its door between February and November, meaning you can get your ski fix during the summer too!
  Elle works for No1 Traveller lounges in Birmingham. When she’s not working, she’s always travelling!