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Visiting European Ski Resorts Off Season

During the season, ski slopes can get very busy, queues for the ski lift can be ridiculously long and prices for the holidays themselves can leave your bank account looking very empty indeed. So why not hit the slopes off season? Depending on resort and location, the length and time of year of the ski season can vary. In general, the most popular times for skiing are between November and April; however many other resorts offer different openings for the season due to their ability to keep the snow for longer – i.e. those that are in colder climates. Beat the Crowds The amount of people at your ski resort during the season can be a problem. During the school Christmas holidays are a very popular time and because families want to get away to spend some fun time together, this means that many European ski resorts can be extremely busy at this time. Hotels are often booked well in advance, flights with seats together are difficult to come by, and queuing to get on a chair lift or get served at a ski shop take up a lot of time on your break where you should be having fun! By travelling to popular European ski resorts off season, you can beat the crowds, queuing for the chair lifts is made easier, getting down the slopes without having to negotiate many people is much easier, and you don’t have to worry about booking flights and hotels etc too early as many people are usually jetting off to sunnier climates when it’s off ski season! Save Some Money France is one of the most popular destinations for ski lovers, and with Val Thorens and Saint Lary Soulan it is no wonder why. Popular Austrian resorts such as Solden and Zell Am See in Austria are also busy during the season and can be very expensive places to book – especially if you are heading out with your family. Peak travel periods are during school holidays so booking off season should also mean you consider travelling during the school term to save money – just have a couple’s holiday so that your kids don’t have to miss school. Flights are cheaper off season, hotels offer better discounts when they know they aren’t going to be bombarded with crowds, and some ski resorts may even offer off-season discounts for hitting the slopes or hiring ski gear. As off season is really the summer season, temperatures can often be a little kinder when you go on an off season ski holiday, and skiing down a mountain in the sunshine is a fantastically exhilarating feeling. Overall, off season travel is ideal for anyone seeking a calmer and slightly cheaper holiday. Shop around for discounted hotel and flight prices and you will still have a great time when you eventually hit the slopes!