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What Equipment to Take Hiking & Fell Walking

Video transcript... Hi and welcome to simplyhike. So the big question is…what equipment do you need to take fell walking? Well the golden rule is to pack for the occasion and not to overload. Depending on how long your walking for will determine what rucksack size you’ll need and how much equipment you’ll need to take. If it’s just for a short walk then anything up to a 35 litre rucksack will be fine, this will give you enough room for lunch, waterproof trousers, waterproof jacket and a water bottle or hydration bladder. If you’re looking to spend the night then we would recommend a 45 – 65 litre rucksack – giving you enough room for a tent, sleeping bag, food, camping stove and spare clothes for the following day. Walking poles can be a good addition to your kit as they give extra support and stability whilst you’re walking. However remember that these are an extra item that you’ll need to be carrying, so rucksacks with pole grips are something to look out for. You should also think about bringing with you: - Maps covering your route, ideally a detailed Ordnance Survey - A first aid kit - and some sort of multi-tool And that’s pretty much everything! Feel free to take a look at our accessories page on for everything you’ll need