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What to Wear Hiking & Fell Walking

Video transcript... Hi and welcome to Simplyhike Before you go fell walking it is very important to ensure that you wear the correct clothing, so choose wisely! To start, make sure you have a good layering system. This would consist of a base layer, one hundred or two hundred weight fleece and a lightweight waterproof jacket. Most experienced walkers will agree that footwear is a big priority. Even major, well-marked trails can have tough terrain and a good pair of walking boots is essential. A good pair of boots will provide you with all the support and comfort that you will need – so look out for boots with high ankle support as well as waterproof and breathable materials. If you’ve bought a new pair of walking boots then be sure to break them in before going for a lengthy walk. You will also certainly appreciate a good thick pair of walking socks. They’re vital protection against blisters and will wick sweat away from your skin, giving you all round better breathability and comfort. As for the rest of your clothing, you should consider: - Lightweight, durable trousers - A fleece to maintain your body heat if it gets a bit chilly - Spare waterproof clothing for when the heavens open - and if you’re walking at winter then gloves, hat and chute are essential So that’s everything you’ll need when out walking, take a look on to see our full range of clothing.   Recommended video... Beginners Guide to Hiking & Fell Walking