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Why Buy An Outwell Tent?

Buying a tent for your upcoming camping trip can be a lot of fun and a bit like buying a house; How many rooms do you want? Do you want internal living space? How much will you need to pay for a larger pitch? You want to invest in a decent tent brand so that you get the best quality and features for your money. This is where Outwell comes in. Outwell is a premium camping brand that really puts a lot of thought into their tents and develops new features every season to make camping comfortable so that you’ll want to do it every year. For Spring Summer 2017, Outwell have improved their bedrooms, perfect for anyone who likes a long lie in on their holiday!  


Bedrooms For Hanging Out In As Well As Sleeping

This season it’s all about making the bedroom as comfortable as possible for sleeping but also hanging out in. Some brands have gone another way by featuring black out rooms which is great for sleeping in with young children but not as easy to relax in. Outwell have made their rooms big, bright and airy to extend your living space.   There are three sized rooms; Royal Bedrooms which are 250cm in depth, this allows for larger airbeds and even side tables. Steep sides also mean more headroom and space, and these rooms have windows around the outside to allow light in but with zippered fabric to cover the windows for privacy and sleep.

Ambassador Bedrooms (available on Birdland 3 and Flagstaff 5) are also 250cm in depth with mains cable entry and Night Sky Ceilings for darkness even when it’s light. Steep walls allow for more usable space and a large mesh panel at the back offers great ventilation.

The layout inside the Royal and Ambassador bedrooms can be changed thank to the universal inner system so you can change the number and size of the rooms easily.

Premier Bedrooms (available on Phoenix 4 and 6, Rockwell 3 and 5 and Whitecove 6) are 215cm in depth, which is the industry standard, but, extra guylines on the back of the tent pull the flysheet out which offers more volume inside. All 3 bedrooms include a cable entry point that actually runs into the bedroom meaning you can sensibly charge your phone or bring a hook up in for lanterns. All bedrooms have Thermo-Reflective Coating fabric to keep the area cool and Blackened ‘Night Sky’ ceilings darkens the area for better sleep on light summer mornings.    

Stylish Tinted Windows In All Tents
All Outwell tents now have tinted windows which reduces UV penetration, reduces heat and glare and allows for wide views with privacy. All Outwell tents also include toggle up curtains.  
D Shaped Doors

Doors are D Shaped (on front door) which allows the door to be rolled to the side rather than rolled to the top which can often restrict head height.  


Full Mesh Doors

The mesh door behind the main door is full mesh to allow great ventilation and prevent bugs from entering. If your tent has a side entrance this will also be a full mesh door.  


3 Zones Brings The Outside In

Outwell carefully consider the design of their tents to create a great flow and sense of space. Look out for 3 zone tents where there is a bedroom area, living space or dry room and then a ‘wet room’ for storing kit but also for sitting in when weather is poor. The wet area is either enclosed or has an attached canopy. Canopies are great as they don’t often count when calculating pitch size costs but still extend your living space.  


Taped Door Seams

Outwell tapes all of their door seams meaning you won’t suffer a leak in torrential rain. Not all tent brands offer this so if there's a chance of rain where you're going to be camping, Outwell is definitely a top choice.  


Collapsible Entrance

The front door has a collapsible entrance too meaning you don’t need to remember to step in and out of the tent. This is great if travelling with young kids as it prevents trips and allows for easy access when unloading the car.  


They’re Wind Tested

If you’re unlucky enough to have a rotten week of weather on your next trip you can relax because Outwell have got your back. They wind test all of their tents to stand up to the worst of weathers. Every tent has a wind stabiliser system which pulls the flysheet against the frame thanks to additional guylines. Using the Beaufort Wind Scale as a measure they have tested all Deluxe tents to Force 9 and Privilege tents to Force 8.  

So what are you waiting for, buy your new Outwell tent today at Simply Hike!