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Why Go Lightweight Camping

Flexibility. Freedom. Fun. These are key words to explain why lightweight camping is a great way of enjoying life outdoors; 'lightweight' means shelter, sleeping and kitchen gear that one person can carry. Throw in great value for money and it is unbeatable. Whether your tented camp is a springboard for active outdoor adventure or a base for leisurely pursuits, you're in control, in the outdoors, free to come and go as you please. Within minutes of arriving at a campsite, your new home can be underway with shelter, kitchen, dining and sleeping needs all taking shape whilst a tasty brew is on the go. ‘Lightweight camping’ is not an absolute term. Indeed, it is often as much an attitude of mind as anything else. After all, one person's essential item may be another's luxury option. Then there's the transport option - on foot, by bike, paddling and, of course, engine power. Happily, there is no hierarchy in lightweight camping. Less weight is not inherently better in what is, by and large, a recreational activity. Skills and experience are key elements in the mix, complementing the role of gear. There are no hard and fast rules just personal preferences. For many, lightweight camping allows them to explore swathes of country, moving on each day, self-contained whether self-propelled or touring by car or motorbike. A fixed base allows them to set off on daily expeditions from the tent. Or, perhaps, to sit back and enjoy the scenery, hanging out all day discovering the beach or countryside on the doorstep. It is this freedom, the combination of opportunities without restrictions that becomes so addictive. Although the appeal of unknown country is seductive, activities don’t have to be demanding pursuits. Camping is a great way to get around the country to enjoy hobbies and interests – photography, bird watching, air shows, car rallies, film and music festivals, whatever takes your fancy. Your first camping trip might be a tad disorganised. You will soon learn how to stow gear and get everything shipshape and, anyway, does it really matter? Problems become anecdotes over time, disasters become epics, and frustrations become laughter. Loading up a car allows campers more scope for comfort in a tented camp but doesn’t mean taking the proverbial kitchen sink. Real freedom comes when packing a car, rucksack, canoe or panniers with lightweight tent, sleeping bag and stove and heading off into the unknown. With everything you need to survive and thrive to hand, you can go as you please. Imagination is the only limit on the camping experience. Let yours loose today.