Wild Food Foraging, Seaweed Harvesting, And Pasty Making: A Guide To Unusual Courses That You Can Do In Cornwall, UK

Wild Mushrooms by Kate Hiscock via Flicker In the country of Cornwall, there are many activities that a tourist or resident can partake in. The country is located close to the sea, and is very rich in its culture. It is famous for their Cornish teas and Cornish pasties. The land is beautiful and ripe with vegetation. The coasts are very bountiful with fishing boats. It is a popular tourist spot because of the beauty of the fauna, but also because of the beautiful waters. Many successful gourmet chefs have put Cornwall as a top destination for food lovers. Some of the traditions of the residents of Cornwall include: - Wild food foraging - Seaweed harvesting - Pastry making Wild Food Foraging Wild food foraging has always been a very important part of life for Cornwall. The environment provides lush pickings for vegetables, roots, and assorted herbs. Before you forage, gain permission first because it is illegal to uproot a wild plant without approval. Once you have approval, remember to only take enough for your intended purpose.Before you begin your foraging journey, be sure to make yourself aware of the plants that are protected. Flowers,foliage, and fruit can be freely taken as long as they are not protected. The best time to gather them is before the plant obtains blossoms .It's important to always wash everything thoroughly, and to make sure that the plants are not near landfills or waste water. Make sure you never pick anything that has brown spots on it. Seaweed Harvesting Seaweed is packed with minerals, and is considered a great dietary supplement. The best time to obtain seaweed is usually March through July. The easiest way to get fresh seaweed is snorkeling during the ebbing of the tides. Bladderwrack, Oarweed, and Seabelt are three types that can be commonly found along the coastline. There are many different nature walks that you can go on that will provide good destinations that are the best for harvesting seaweed. Pasty Making Cornish pasties are "D" shaped and filled with a paste of beef, potatoes,Swede, light pepper seasoning, and onions. Before they are cooked, the dough is coated with an egg glaze to create the golden brown color. These have been a tradition for almost 200 years. Pasties were eaten as a main source of food for most men that worked in the tin mines in the early and late 1800s. The tradition is being kept alive still today. The recipe was handed down from generation to generation. As you go through the country, there are different variations from parish to parish. In the country of Cornwall, there are many activities that a tourist or resident can partake in. The culture and ripe vegetation are displayed through their vast selection of different dishes. Not only is the country beautiful, it is bountiful as well. Cornwall is definitely a destination for adventure seekers and food lovers. Tom writes for Highcliffe Holidays, the self-catering Polzeath cottages specialist, for couples, families and friends. Highcliffe Holidays have a handful of dog friendly cottages in North Cornwall so you can bring your four legged friend too.

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