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Winter camping is on trend

It might have been wet, sometimes windy and occasionally snowy but this festive season has seen a rise in the numbers of campers in the UK. Leading campsite providers, The Camping and Caravanning Club, has seen a 51% rise in bookings over the yuletide period. In addition the club has opened a record 24 sites over Christmas and New Year due to increased demand from holidaymakers. Club sites director Bob Hill said: “The rise in overall booking figures compared to last year shows just how popular camping as an all-year round activity is proving to be. “Camping in winter offers a truly magical experience for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. The rise in bookings is clearly proof that the winter nights need not spell an end to those memorable camping adventures.”

Rise in sales of camping products

Meanwhile, many on-line camping retailers have witnessed bigger sales of camping products and accessories this Christmas. It would appear that we have been adding a host of camping goods to our Christmas gift wishlists - and many retailers are predicting that there will be an early start for more fairweather campers this year. These days, thanks to a host of modern camping products, such as cosy sleeping bags, cold-ground-buffeting airbeds, and even ovens and heaters, campers do not have to worry so much about the cold outside their tent. If you're thinking about a holiday under canvas this season, and especially if you are trying to save money, we have a range of tips to keep you warm.

Top tips for winter camping

Bag a good bag: The general rule is that the more you pay for a sleeping bag the better quality it will be. Look for warm down and three/four season ratings. Double up: A double sleeping bag allows you to cuddle up next to your favourite person – and stay warmer. The body heat of two people together is a blessing on a cold night. Luxury liner: Add a silk sleeping bag liner for a warm inner layer in your sleeping bag. Layer up: Go to bed wearing several thin layers of outdoor clothing. Thin layers trap body heat and keep you warmer than one thicker layer. Add a fleece or down outer jacket for extra warmth and don’t forget leggings and socks. Don’t forget your hot water bottle: When you’re boiling up water for your hot chocolate night cap, also fill up your hot water bottle. Go for a pee: According to scientists if you’re holding on to your pee during the night you will be using up unnecessary body energy, which can lead to reduced body temperature. So make sure have a pee before bedtime. Go for a Go Bag: Peeing outside in the middle of the night is unpleasant at any time of the year but especially in winter and early spring. Instead, buy a Go Bag that allows you to pee inside your tent and then get rid of the bag the next day. An alternative is a Pee Wee Urine Bag. Guys, you can simply pee in an old water bottle so long as you remember to screw the lid back o Note of caution: Do remember that camping in winter will be very cold. If you’re in any doubt about your health, simply wait a few months and enjoy camping in warmer seasons.