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Winter Olympics have gone, should we head to Canada?

It should be no shock that Canada’s snowy lands where a hot topic with the 2010 Olympic Winter games now a fading memory, but even if you weren't vying for a gold medal you may still want to head out to the maple leaf country all the same. In fact, Canada has been given the honour of hosting for a good reason in that its piste is not only one of the best but as they say it is Olympic-calibre. 



Of course hitting the slopes is always the best way to fill your days, but in addition to prime hills and trails you will be offered much in the way of luxury as well. There are a featured 12 resorts that are world class standards to make your stay all that you could have hoped for. Another big draw is the surroundings for there are plenty of national parks kept in pristine condition that are just begging for a photo opportunity.


In fact the Banff National Park in Alberta is one example as I sits on 270 different trails and expanses 7,700 acres; there are then three varying resorts you can choose to lodge at while exploring the snowy countryside.  For those more acclimated to European-style, then you will want to head over to Quebec and take your skiing clothing there and out on the snow there while staying in style.


The three regions you can opt for among Canada’s great expanse include not only Quebec and Alberta but also British Columbia, and each one boasts its own array of specialized benefits. Quebec will err on the side of luxury as noted, but it also will offer you some of the most daring vertical heights across the entire country; sure to give an adrenaline rush to any junkie. British Columbia, the destination for all of the athletes and fans flocking to the 2010 Winter Olympic games, has both some challenging trails as well as longer runs for you to take advantage of but in addition touts some rather deep powder.


Another draw is that the temperatures here aren’t as frigid as elsewhere so you will be snugly warm in your ski clothes atop that ski equipment for all your hours of fun. Finally, Alberta is a great place for families with places to stay between those immense Rocky Mountains. For all of those on skis and snowboards you can choose to slide the half-pipes or instead speed down plummeting free falls. So should you be left watching the Olympic events on the TV for now, you could spend a thrilling holiday in the not so distant future at the same place and get your ski on!