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Women ski jumpers' legal bid fails

The rights of women ski jumpers were not violated by a decision to exclude their sport from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games because local organisers had no power to change the running order, a Canadian court has ruled. Three judges at the British Columbia Appeal Court said organisers did not act illegally because they had no power to include the event in the first place. Quoting Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the sportswomen had sought to overturn a lower court ruling that allowed organisers to hold a men's competition but not a women's event. The plaintiffs said the oversight committee, VANOC, should be forced to hold an event for women or hold no event at all. The court found that while the exclusion was discriminatory, any decision to change the event could only be taken by the International Olympic Committee. "VANOC simply does not have the power to determine what events are included in the 2010 Olympic program," the court concluded.