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1 Season Sleeping Bags are designed for summer use only and are great for travelling in hot climates. 1 season...

1 Season Sleeping Bags are designed for summer use only and are great for travelling in hot climates. 1 season bags are designed to be used in 5 degrees Celsius or higher. These sleeping bags are often lightweight as they are thin with less insulation and often they come with a handy mosquito net to cover the face making them perfect for backpacking. If you want to extend the season of your 1 season bag then consider a silk liner which will add warmth!

Because you spend nearly half of your life asleep it's essential that you can get a comfortable, relaxing and rejuvenating sleep each night. Unfortunately for some people, especially outdoors enthusiasts, this can't be guaranteed. Sleeping in the outdoors is one of the most exciting and primal ways to connect with nature so it's no surprise how popular camping is and we think, will continue to be. We look to ensure that any and everybody who seeks this connection with nature can do so with confidence, comfort and security. When it comes to sleeping, it is difficult to find better quality and higher standards than those found at Snugpak.

Whether you want to sleep outdoors in the calm of summer, or simply need to help out a visiting friend with a place to sleep, a one season sleeping bag is the perfect investment. We stock Snugpak because their commitment to durability and comfort is immediately evident in their products. Their range of one season sleeping bags are fitted with high tech Paratex fabrics combined with their very own signature Softie Premier insulation to give the best in insulation, comfort, reflected and trapped heating. Snugpak manufacture their best sleeping bags in Britain by hand so you can rest assured knowing you have the highest quality wrapped around you.

There are many options to consider when buying a sleeping bag. You need to know what seasons and weather conditions you will be using it during but also how often you'll be using it. Because we know our customers are serious about life in the outdoors we feel confident in the sale of products which with due care and attention, can last a lifetime. We know you'll be sleeping soundly outside for years to come when you invest in a one season sleeping bag by Snugpak, Vango or Coleman.
We've made selecting a right or left sleeping bag easy by telling you which style you need. For any right handed campers choose any Right Handed sleeping bags in the filter and compare chart. If you're left handed select the Left Handed sleeping bags in the filter or compare chart.

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Travelpak Traveller Sleeping Bag - Petrol Blue
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Mountain Hardwear

Lamina Z Spark Sleeping Bag - Long
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