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A true outdoor enthusiast has such an unquenchable thirst for being in nature that they want to take part in...

A true outdoor enthusiast has such an unquenchable thirst for being in nature that they want to take part in expeditions and trips all year round. In many parts of the world this can prove difficult given the year round weather patterns which can vary and change dramatically as the months pass by. As a result, being prepared for all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions is an essential consideration. With our range of four season sleeping bags you can rest easy knowing that no matter what season the urge to go outdoors strikes, you'll be prepared.

We stock sleeping bags by only the most experienced and professional manufacturers working in the industry today. Names you know and names you can rely on.

A good four season sleeping bag has to be adaptable to a number of different scenarios. Whether you're dozing in the warmth of summer or huddling up in the winds of winter, you need a sleeping bag which lets heat in and out appropriately. Our range includes bags by outdoor heavyweights Vango and Snugpak. There are a range of features which ensure you will find the right sleeping bag no matter what time of year you choose to sleep outside. Nylon shells, 3D insulated zip baffles, trapezoidal construction and a water resistant finishes are some of the great features of our Vango bags; good for star-gazing in the mountains. The Snugpak bags we stock are good for year round use and are hand-made in the UK so you can count on their quality. Lightweight, breathable and yet durable, these sleeping bags are great all-rounders.

We stock sleeping bags for both left and right-handed campers and feel confident that you will a sleeping bag that perfectly suits not only your next expedition, but all the subsequent expeditions which are sure to follow.

A 4 season sleeping bag will keep you warm down to minus 10 degrees C. These bags are bulkier than others but depending on the insulation used they can still be very easy to compress into a stuff sack.

We've made selecting a right or left sleeping bag easy by telling you which style you need. For any right handed campers choose any Right Handed sleeping bags in the filter and compare chart. If you're left handed select the Left Handed sleeping bags in the filter or compare chart.

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Softie Expansion 4 Sleeping Bag
Regular price £99.95


Pamir 750 Sleeping Bag
£174.99 Regular price RRP £249.99

F10 Series

Vulcan -12 Degrees Sleeping Bag - Lava
£224.00 Regular price RRP £320.00


Latitude 300 Sleeping Bag - Imperial Blue
£45.50 Regular price RRP £65.00


Latitude 400 Sleeping Bag - Grasshopper
£52.50 Regular price RRP £75.00


Constellation Lux Double Sleeping Bag
£132.99 Regular price RRP £189.99


Softie Elite 4 Sleeping Bag - Olive
£89.95 Regular price RRP £104.95