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5 Season Sleeping Bags are often called 4+ sleeping bags or mountain bags and these are designed for extreme conditions,...
5 Season Sleeping Bags are often called 4+ sleeping bags or mountain bags and these are designed for extreme conditions, expeditions and very cold climates. There are some places on Earth where, in the quest to reconnect with nature, only the most intrepid, ambitious and adventurous people consider going to. When you are pitting yourself against the most extreme conditions our planet has to offer, it's imperative that you prepare extensively and ensure you can achieve peak performance if you hope to return unscathed and victorious. Getting a good night's sleep on these trips is one of the most important things to consider. To anticipate these considerations, we stock some of the best five seasons sleeping bags on the market, to ensure you will sleep soundly when embarking on your next expedition or mountain escapade. The five season sleeping bags we stock are made by leading outdoor equipment specialists including Vango, Force 10 and Snugpak. With these manufacturers you can guarantee to be purchasing a product that will last for years to come. These sleeping bags are able to withstand the most extreme of temperatures thanks to a range of technologically advanced features. 3D insulated zip baffles, profiled hoods, mummy bag shape designs, width adjustment and even 90/10 duck down insulation are some of the features that will be keeping you toasty and warm when the weather outside is wild. You can trust brands such as Vango and Snugpak to know what it takes to withstand the worst weather - they are British based and experience it on a daily basis! You will be at your most vulnerable when you sleep so be sure to give a lot of thought to the sleeping bag you want to take with you. If you are planning or facing an extreme expedition you have to spare no expense when it comes to ensuring the safety, health and security of you and your companions. We understand that safety is the top priority when any outdoor activity is undertaken so that's why we only stock the toughest and safest brands available. We've made selecting a right or left sleeping bag easy by telling you which style you need. For any right handed campers choose any Right Handed sleeping bags in the filter and compare chart. If you're left handed select the Left Handed sleeping bags in the filter or compare chart.
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Softie Expansion 5 Sleeping Bag
£95.00 Regular price RRP £112.50

F10 Series

Vulcan -17 Degrees Sleeping Bag - Lava
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Softie Elite 5 Sleeping Bag - Olive
£103.45 Regular price RRP £122.50