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The most scenic trails to do in the Alps

A holiday in the Alps doesn’t have to be skiing. We’ve uncovered the best trails with the most spectacular views that you can try, right away.


Lac Blanc

Where? Chamonix, the French Alps  

How long? 1 hour 30 to Lac Blanc

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult



Lac Blanc is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Chamonix valley and with such spectacular views, there’s no surprise why.

Choose to get a cable car to the top of the mountain and then descend down to the lake below. As this is mountainous terrain, expect rocky ground that can often be tricky footing at times. So, be careful, take your time to complete the hike and look where you step.

Although deemed a relatively difficult trail, it can be finished in under 2 hours, which makes the work a bit easier. Once you reach the lake, you know your hard work will definitely have been worth it. You can even reward your effort and enjoy a hot chocolate or a bite to eat at the café by the lake.  Make time to really soak up the spectacular views, take a few pictures to savour the moment and show your family and friends what they’re missing!  To avoid huge crowds of people, look to go during the off-season, such as in October. There will be so few people that you’ll be able to take the views all to yourself without any distractions.


Look out for:

  • It isn’t uncommon to spot some amazing wildlife in the area. Look out for chamois, marmots and deer on your trail across the lake. Get your camera at the ready!
  • The perfect location by the lake to take a restful and well-earned picnic break.


The Eagle Walk

Where? St Anton, Austrian Alps

How long? 4 hours to complete, with 17.5km to cross

Difficulty: Difficult



As a well-known long-distance hike, the Eagle Walk has become a hiking favourite because of the beautiful scenery it has to offer.

The mountainous terrain makes this a challenging hike. There are jagged peaks with a 950-metre climb to conquer but with such spectacular views, the hike will be worth it. The alps make for an impressive backdrop that will take your breath away.  If you’re looking to take your family, the Eagle Walk also features easier trails that are child-friendly and are great to get the whole family immersed in nature and the outdoors.  Finish off the trail in St Christoph, head towards the Arlberg Hospiz hotel. Recently renovated, this destination has been transformed into a luxury hotel and gourmet restaurant. It’s the perfect ending to an unbelievable hiking journey!

Look out for:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for some unusual wildlife. Golden eagles and Chamois are commonly spotted along this trail.


Olive Tree Trail

Where? Castagnola to Gandria in the Swiss Alps

How long? Short walk takes 45 minutes to finish

Difficulty? Easy



As the name suggests, this trail is home to some ancient olive trees. Walk along the Olive Tree footpath down beautiful countryside roads to enjoy some remarkable views. Through picturesque lanes and alleys with houses adorned with flowering shrubs across the walls.  The trail surrounds the coast of Lake Lugano. As hillside terrain, you’ll get to see some of the best views that the area has to offer. As a car-free town, you can soak up the surroundings to the enjoyment of tranquillity.  If you’re not in a rush, you can stop along the path at one of restaurant or cafes. Reward your efforts and relax at a restaurant overlooking the lake, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a swim in the water afterwards.


Look out for:

  • This trail is home to ancient olive trees, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • If you’re feeling tired or with young children, look out for the boat departures to make your journey back a little easier.


To make your hike as comfortable as possible, remember to take the right equipment with you. Browse our latest collections online at Simply Hike to help you get started.

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