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Top 5 Picks: Walking Socks

With the sun finally creeping through and spring in full swing we thought it was about time we did a top 5 picks blog about walking socks! In no particular order let us introduce you to our top 5 walking socks.


Smartwool: Hiking Light Crew Sock




The Hiking Light from Smartwool is a great fitting and performance walking sock. This Smartwool sock uses a smart wool fit system which stops the sock from slipping or bunching when you’re walking on a trail.

The wool on wool or WOW technology gives the Hiking Light sock high impact and high wear sections to reduce shock and abrasion. The fibres in this Smartwool sock are all natural, odour free and have brilliant moisture control.

Finally because of the 76% merino wool that the sock has means that it has amazing anti-bacterial properties which work perfectly with the structure of the sock.





Bridgedale: Woolfusion Summit Knee Sock




The Summit Knee from Bridgedale is designed for the colder elements. This knee sock is in perfect for when you are in the mountains knee deep in snow and pretty much in any cold environments. Even at this time of the year there are still peaks covered in snow (hence why it’s in our top 5 picks).

The summit uses dense cushioning throughout for extra warmth, comfort and to help with impact when walking. The Woolfusion has a great mix to it; its 51% Enduro wool, 29% polyamide, 19% Endurofill and not forgetting the 1% Lycra.

Although this is considered a winter knee sock, if you feel the cold even in the summer then the Summit sock is something to consider.





Sealskinz: Midweight Mid Length Sock




Are you looking for a 100% waterproof sock? Well look no further than the Midweight Mid Length sock from Sealskinz. Due to Sealskinz' unique lining this sock is 100% waterproof, windproof and most importantly breathable.

The Midweight sock has a close fit making it perfect for trail runners, scramblers and even climbers. Even if you are just going out to walk your dog the Midweight sock will feel right at home. This Sealskinz sock uses a seamless pattern to prevent any rubbing and is ribbed at the top for a nice snug fit.

The Midweight has a merino wool loop lining which makes the sock nice and comfortable but also works perfectly at maintaining your foot temperature keeping you warm when cold, cool when hot and helps maintain moisture control.





Bridgedale: Merinofusion Trekker Sock




The Trekker series from Bridgedale is probably their most popular sock to date. The Trekker sock is one of those socks that no matter the weather or even what time of year it is, your feet will be happy wearing them.

This Bridgedale sock is super soft against the skin and due to the merinofusion mix you can wear this sock all day long without any problems. The merinofusion also is what makes the Trekker is great at keeping a balanced temperature around your feet.

It's a brilliant sock for all types of hiking, walking, scrambling and even climbing. And as we said earlier its ideal anytime of the year in pretty much any conditions. Of course this does depend on the person and how he or she feels the cold and heat.





Brasher: Fellmaster sock




Don’t be fooled by this sock. Although it will be at home with the Berghaus (formally Brasher) Fellmaster walking boot, this sock will of course work in all types and styles of boots. Rather than using Merino to control moisture the Fellmaster sock uses 83% coolmax.

With the way the sock is structured the coolmax fits right at home with the Fellmaster. They have also added a comfort fit cuff, comfort fit leg and are ribbed to give all the comfort you need when you are walking.

Lastly the sock's upper and heel have been “terry knitted” and combined with the coolmax it adds warmth and helps wick away moisture. This also prolongs comfort and helps protect your feet.    



So there we have it our top 5 picks of walking socks, if you want to see what other socks we stock just view our men's sock page and our women's sock page. What are your favourite socks you like to wear? Is it any of the above? We would love to hear about it so comment below!