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What’s so smart about smartwool socks?

Alright, so you may have all of your camping equipment and outdoor clothes all picked out and ready to go for your next camping holiday, but one area you may not have poured much thought into is the material of your socks. That’s right, those tiny little things protecting your ten little piggies require just as much attention as anything else you have for an outdoor escape. Your furthest lower extremities are going to be most likely to start to go cold or numb first with prolonged exposure to low temperatures and for that reason, and a few more, you should opt for a smart sock, namely smartwool socks.



Just what makes these little socks boast of an enlightened IQ? Well for starters they are specifically designed to best regulate the temperatures around your feet and inside the sock naturally because of the unique fibres of wool. Inherent in woollen materials are small pockets that contain air and then traps it and works both ways by either heating it up or helping to keep your toes cool.


Unlike say socks made of synthetics fibres, smartwool is also adept at breathing and wicking away any accumulation of sweat. Your feet are known to be mighty sweat producers and if that is trapped in a sealed sock you will be left with a foot puddle by day’s end. Much like other base layer garments these socks absorb any moisture and then push it outwardly to then evaporate. And because sweat and odour often go hand and hand, these items of your outdoor clothing are going to help combat those pungent odours. This is due to the fact that the woollen material is also an antimicrobial that will ward off bacteria because there isn’t going to be a conducive climate for them to thrive in. It is this bacterium that is the root cause of odour due to the fact that sweat by itself is actually odourless.


A few other perks from smartwool socks are that they aren’t going to shrink in the dryer like other cotton pairs and in terms of lasting the longest these ones also come out on top. The unique blend of wool yarn outlasts its nylon competitors and for anyone turned off by the whole wool thing because they may be afraid of itchiness or allergies your fretting is in vain. These socks are spun out of the thinnest of long merino wool so that there is no itch and the reason that some may be allergic to other woollen garments is because of the coating of lanolin over these fibres; smartwool socks lack any lanolin additive. And so you can see that while they may not be on par with our refined intelligence, these socks are in fact rather smart themselves.