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Bivi bags are becoming more and more popular these days due to weight becoming a key issue with backpackers and adventurers. The bivi is no... read more
Bivi bags are becoming more and more popular these days due to weight becoming a key issue with backpackers and adventurers. The bivi is no longer just an emergency shelter but it's becoming more and more part of the everyday kit of the light hiker. The bivi is slowly replacing the main stream tents with adventurers and backpackers alike mainly due to the reduction in weight and pack size. Also at the end of a hard trek they will reduce the time and effort needed to pitch and how easy they are to pitch. So rather than having to play around with loads of poles, pegs and guide ropes, you can pitch up your bivi in no time what so ever due to the simplicity of a bivi you would normally only have two poles and between 4 to 6 pegs to use and you're done, and due to the size and style of a bivi bag you can pretty much pitch up anywhere you want! Bivi bags work great by themselves but work even better when you use them with a tarp; the two combined are a winning combination. The tarp provides more shelter which really helps the bivi perform to its best ability and offering the best possible comfort. There are several styles of bivi with the most popular choice being the Terra Nova Jupiter. This bivi bag is 100% waterproof and life time guaranteed with a hydrostatic head of around 28,000 thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane meaning you'll have no issues when it comes to keeping dry and safe when you pitch up! Alternatively choose a Adventure Medical Kits (AMK) heat sheet or thermal bivy bag often with a reflective liner inside which are really with survival in mind. These help prevent pneumonia if you are injured or stuck up on the mountain side. A bivi bag is not a tent or a sleeping bag, it is the third way for campers; effectively it is a light weight waterproof jacket that goes over your sleeping bag and protects it from light rain and dew. They are becoming more popular as a means of cutting out weight for hikers and outdoors sports practitioners that have other kit they would rather carry than a tent. For the purist, it also means getting closer to nature, waking up with the wind in their hair and the sun on their face. Bedding down for the night is also simpler, pack your sleeping bag inside your bivi and simply unroll when you decide to stop, no tent poles or guy ropes to contend with. Bothy bags are designed as emergency shelters but can also be handy for lightweight camping. They are designed to quickly form a space that is warm and dry which can be very useful in adverse conditions where there is not time to pitch a tent such as for map reading and short breaks. Terra nova Bothys come in 2,4 & 6 man sizes and are designed to keep the elements out, with a welded window that can cope with extreme conditions as low as -30 degrees. The bivi is not an all year round solution for the British climate, it is not as warm as a tent and you will need to work out a waterproof solution for the rest of your gear. A half way house is to combine your bivi with a tarp tent which provides added protection without too much extra bulk or weight, the Terra Nova Jupiter is the best of both worlds and includes curved aluminium poles which provide head room and extra ventilation, ideal for more humid climates. Close
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