Bolle has the privileged title and reputation of being one of the largest European manufacturer of ski goggles and quality...

Bolle has the privileged title and reputation of being one of the largest European manufacturer of ski goggles and quality sunglasses. They develop and manufacture a massive range of ski and snowboard goggles for entry level participants right up to hardcore enthusiasts who spend a lot of time on the slopes.

Whatever your choice you can rest assured that Bolle provide top quality, high performance goggles and sunglasses which will serve a major purpose when you battle against the elements and the snow.

Before descending on the piste the last thing you want is snow getting in your face, and then having the sun glare into you as you try and negotiate the twists and turns, as well as other skiers trying to do the same.

Bolle ski goggles have been developed on the slopes with comfort, safety and optical clarity firmly in mind. Bolle's designs and features are superior within the industry, and they continue to grow as a leading worldwide brand. Bolle ski goggles are designed and then manufactured using state of the art technology so their customers get complete value for money as well as the most recent designs.

Another fantastic feature of Bolle goggles is that they are designed to be compatible with most helmet designs currently available. This way you don't need to buy a new helmet when purchasing a fresh set of goggles.

Bolle lenses also protect the wearer against harmful ultraviolet rays by 100%. Again this is to ensure optical clarity so you have the best possible vision when travelling down the piste.

Bolle have been creating unique ski goggles, sun glasses and ski helmets for years, researching, designing and working alongside some of the top winter sportsmen and women in the industry. This is done to help them create the best products for their ever increasing customer base.

The committed team of employees at Bolle are strong sports enthusiasts themselves, and they do their utmost to create top of the range goggles, sunglasses and helmets.

Ultimately though they don't just want these to look and feel good, but they want to incorporate top of the range features within these products to ensure Bolle ski goggles remain one of the market leaders.

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Emperor OTG Goggle - Blue and Red Dots with Aurora Lens
£50.40 Regular price RRP £84.00


Nova II Goggle - Matte Green and Blue with Aurora Lens
£40.80 Regular price RRP £68.00


Scarlett Goggle - Matte Turquoise Blue with Modulator Vermillion
£50.40 Regular price RRP £84.00


B-Kid Helmet - Shiny Blue Monster
£24.00 Regular price RRP £40.00