Mouth-wateringly good equipment to cook a tasty cup of soup or delicious cup of tea with, Jetboil offer technical, high...

Mouth-wateringly good equipment to cook a tasty cup of soup or delicious cup of tea with, Jetboil offer technical, high quality cooking systems. From ISPO Outdoor Awards to Backpacker Editors' Choice Awards, our range of Jetboil items have received high, professional recognition and once you look a little closer at what this company offer you will see why they have received so much attention.

In 2001, two frustrated outdoorsmen began a journey to find less clunky stoves. Their range of efficient, practical stoves and accessories feature innovative technology and easily pack away into your bag. They are great for long hikes in backcountry locations. The Jetpower Fuel is designed specifically for Jetboil cooking systems using maximum efficiency and minimum consumption so perfect for long trips. A propane and isobutane mix allows for four season use, the propane has a higher vapour pressure making it perform better than other brands in cold weather.

The kits themselves are not the smallest cooking equipment out there however their performance more than makes up for this. Boiling two cups worth of water can be done in less than two minutes in the right conditions and their FluxRing technology means your food will not get left in the cold as no heat is wasted to the air. Built from Aluminium which is folded into a concertina shape, it creates a bigger surface area for heat to be transferred to your pot. And just in case any more heat tries to leak out, each pot is equipped with a neoprene sleeve to protect your hands and lock heat in.

Jetboil subject their equipment to intense experimental and field testing. They are compact, durable, fast working and come with a 1 year warranty. Designed with little touches of convenience such as the push button igniter and FluxRing technology, they are the perfect cooker and boiler for any camper.

Jetboil is a cooking system so compact and lightweight that you'll barely notice it in your pack. All the systems have a self-contained cooking unit, so you never have to deal with the hassle of an open flame. The insulated cup protects your hands and makes it simple to pack away without waiting for it to cool. The systems have a push-button igniter, so no matches are needed. Best of all, Jetboil systems all reach the boiling point in two or three minutes.

Helios Cooking System - Jetboil's Helios system is a high-capacity, highly efficient stove that does it all, from heating water for a cup of tea to cooking a full meal. It maintains its temperature consistently, using up every drop of fuel. It operates on Coleman gas cylinders. Another convenient feature of this stove is that the lid and bottom covers function as plates, saving you from carrying along extras.

Flash Personal Cooking System - The Jetboil Flash is perfect for one person to take on a day hike and is designed to boil water or melt snow. This PCS or personal cooking system boils water in two minutes, and the insulated cosy cup has a built-in temperature indicator that changes colour to let you know when it's hot enough.

Jetboil Sol Aluminium - The most lightweight system from Jetboil, the Sol weighs a mere 300 grams, and is designed to function in four seasons. It operates on the technically advanced ThermoRegulate Burner, which provides consistent heat no matter what the outdoor temperature is. One Jetboil gas canister can boil up to 12 litres of water, so you don't need to carry a lot of extra fuel. If you have the budget you can get the Jetboil Sol Titanium, which will reduce your weight load even further. It weighs in at only 245 grams, so if pack weight is a concern, it's worth investing in the Sol Titanium.

If you need advice on selecting which Jetboil is best for your needs then View our Jetboil Advice Page.

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