Tarps have a great use for pretty much everything! The first and most popular use for a tarp is to...
Tarps have a great use for pretty much everything! The first and most popular use for a tarp is to use it as footprint under a tent to help no only outline where the tent will be positioned on the terrain (avoiding holes and plants) but also protect the underside of the groundsheet or even replace a heavier groundsheet entirely. However, in recent years adventurers and wild backpackers have taken the good old tarp under their wing! The tarp really has tons of uses that are now key to any body wanting to keep their pack weight down. The most common use for the tarp for hikers is as a shelter so rather than carrying a one or two man tent they have a bivi bag and a tarp to offer the best protection, warmth and shelter. The tarp is a very popular choice due to the fact that you can pretty much put it anywhere you want, attach it to anything and hey presto you have a shelter to keep you dry and sheltered. Tarps are really handy when it comes to prepping and even cooking meals, if you don't want to prep and eat your food in your tent putting up a tarp will solve this issue and it will give you shelter when it comes to cooking food as well as allowing ventilation throughout. Tarps are also perfect for keeping your equipment covered from the elements, whether that will be all your cooking gear, fire wood, covering your rucksack and even to the extremes of helping secure your food and gear in Alaska from bears! You can store the tarp in one of your rucksack pockets just in case the heavens open and you need a quick shelter to keep you dry and out of the wind and rain almost using it as an instant shelter. The tarp has come a long way in recent years and is now a key piece of an equipment to any adventurer and backpacker.
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3x3m Tarp
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