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The Burma Pro from Meindl - A personal review by Simply Hike's technical advisor Shaun.

The Burma Pro from Meindl is a great all round walking boot; whether you're walking your dog or going on a long hike, the boot will cater for all your needs. The boot is made from a high grain leather which means it is hard wearing and can take all sorts of impact. This works really well alongside the Vibram sole which gives you that sturdier sole with great grip. It is hand made in Germany so the quality is the best that you will see in a walking boot. The boot is also designed around UK feet so sizing is pretty spot on. Don't let the look fool you into thinking that it's your standard or should I say “classic” type of walking boot; it has a lot of technology that would make any gadget-loving hiker happy. Staying on the subject of technology, this boot has three key differences from any other “classic” walking boot:



Memory Foam system (MFS)

Just like your memory foam mattress at home, the Burma Pros have a foam system built into the boot itself; this gives a more comfortable fitting boot. It will also react accordingly if you wear thin socks in the summer to thicker socks in the winter, and also if your foot swells it will expand and comfort you rather than cause pressure and make the boot uncomfortable. The down side to this is that if you don't like your boots too snug this boot might not be for you.




Digafix ensures a more adjustable fit for your feet. The diagonal design of the boots give you an all round more adjustable lacing system, which works brilliantly when tightening the boot because it will only tighten at certain points of the boot. This gives you a “pressure free” feeling when wearing the boot (which really does work!). Also the main hook has been raised higher which protrudes less.



Air - Active

Air – Active is all about the best ventilation for the boot; this works when you are walking around, working with the memory foam and digafix systems. It creates a venting system within the boot and pushes the air out of the top of the boot through holes that are located at the top. This ventilation system helps keep your feet cool and also helps reduce swelling making your walk a lot more comfortable. So as you can see it’s not your typical or “classic” walking boot, and hence why the boot is so popular with all types of hikers. The stitching is very minimal, so with the Gore-Tex membrane the waterproofing is at its best, just don't forget to proof and condition the boot regularly. The rubber rand around the boot keeps your feet protected from any sharp edges and makes the boot tougher all round. The easy lace eyelets make the boot easier to adjust to get the best fit for you and the boot lace hooks start nice and low creating a wider access to get the boot on and off. The only downside I would say is that the boot is a little on the heavy side but this is only due to the sole. But don't let that put you off too much; the sole is VERY hard wearing and will last you a long time. It can take on any terrain you throw at it, so it may not be for the first time hiker, but if you come into our shop I will insist that you try it on. I bought these boots about a month ago, I was looking to get my first pair of tech leather boots and I always had my eye on these! Due to the weight I was a bit unsure on how I would get on with them due to the fact that I have always owned a pair of light weight suede, after about two hours they were a perfect fit and I was really surprised at how quickly the boot "broke in". I can now say they feel like a nice pair of slippers and I live in them! I wear them to and from the walk to work and out on the trails (you will probably see them in the videos that I have been making with Simply Hike).



Here is how I personally rate the boots after owning a pair for a couple of months now:  




Overall verdict:

The Burma Pros from Meindl are an amazing bit of kit. If you are after a boot that can do everything and have the same comfort as a pair of slippers, then I would recommend these for you. Even if you are new to hiking I would recommend trying on a pair at our shop just to get a feel for the boot.



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